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Eighteenth-century recipes from the Cookbook of Unknown Ladies

They agreed about how enjoyable and illuminating it is to hear poets reading their work and about how regrettable it was that, even in the recent past, many important poets had not been properly recorded." Text and audio.

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Slavery Poems - poetry for and against the slave trade

Whitman, America's most influential poet and one of the four or five most innovative and significant writers in United States history, is the most challenging of all American authors in terms of the textual difficulties his work presents." From the Center for Digital Research in the Humanities at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

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The 18th Century was a great period in British Architecture, and this greatness is nowhere more apparent than in Scotland. The political union of Scotland and England in 1707 meant that Scottish politicians tended to spend most of their time in London where political decisions were then made; the tendency was that these individuals became very wealthy. For example, Sir William Dundas, involved in the financial and political structure of the Britain as a whole, consequently had sufficient wealth to build his own mansion north of the border.

This page is the index to a growing collection of eighteenth and nineteenth-century English poetry about slavery and the slave trade