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anniversary of Taiwan’s 44 day war against communist mainland China.

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The U.S., then fighting a war in Korea, did not wish to widen the conflict with China (fearing the possible entry of the Soviet Union on behalf of its ally) and, thus, had to balance between deterring the PRC, which it did by moving military forces into the area and signing a defense agreement with Taiwan, while at the same time, keeping Chiang Kai Shek, the leader of the Nationalist forces on Taiwan (and somewhat of a loose cannon) reigned in.

7th Fleet into the Taiwan Straits to protect Taiwan (and by extension U.S.

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A clearly defined strategy toward Taiwan (and the Pescadores), an ambiguous one regarding the offshore islands and a belief that there should be only one China.

If the system proves capable it would make the enormous number of conventional missiles that China currently has deployed against Taiwan irrelevant and tip the military balance considerably.

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The saber rattling by Beijing also served to demonstrate America’s continued resolve to defend Taiwan from any Chinese threat, despite the fact that formal relations between the United States and Taiwan no longer exist.

First Taiwan Strait Crisis Quemoy and Matsu Islands

The offshore islands continue to be particularly vulnerable, however China has shown no inclination to differentiate its claims between the offshore islands and Taiwan itself.

The First Taiwan Straits Crisis

China is viewed as a backward country by many in Taiwan and democratic elections in 1996, the first ever for Taiwan, only served to further separate the two nations in the eyes of most Taiwanese.

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aircraft carriers off the coast of Taiwan during the elections (in what amounted to the largest show of American naval power in East Asia sense the end of the Vietnam War).

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China would not be able to take Taiwan by force while the United States offered it protection, and Taiwan realized that reunification under a Nationalist flag was impossible.

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The withdrawal of Nationalist forces from the Tachen Islands (and China’s subsequent occupation of those islands) had not caused a slump in moral among the Taiwanese which some in Washington had predicted, and China by the mid- ‘60’s, suffering from a growing sense of isolation, was less interested in provoking the United States.

Taiwan Straits: Crisis in Asia and the Role of the U.S

As Eisenhower stated during the first crisis, "if we get into a general war, the logical enemy will be Russia, not China, and we’ll have to strike there."