What three places did Charles dickens lived as a boy

They lived on a 300-acre farm by the south fork of Nolin Creek near Hodgenville, Kentucky.

What 3 places did Charles dickens live in when he was a boy

2:22 But when he heard that Archelaus did reign in Judaea in the room of his father Herod, he was afraid to go thither: notwithstanding, being warned of God in a dream, he turned aside into the parts of Galilee: 2:23 And he came and dwelt in a city called Nazareth: that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophets, He shall be called a Nazarene." (Matthew 2:19-23 KJV)Jesus grew up and lived in Nazareth for about twenty five years, until His Ministry began at age 30.

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The Messiah lived in Bethlehem up to two years, and then about the same amount of time in Egypt, according to the death date of Herod the Great - keeping in mind that the Roman BC and AD calendar was invented by a Roman monk the birth of Christ.

"2:13 And when they were departed, behold, the angel of the Lord appeareth to Joseph in a dream, saying, Arise, and take the young child and his mother, and flee into Egypt, and be thou there until I bring thee word: for Herod will seek the young child to destroy him.2:14 When he arose, he took the young child and his mother by night, and departed into Egypt: 2:15 And was there until the death of Herod: that it might be fulfilled which was spoken of the Lord by the prophet, saying, Out of Egypt have I called my son.2:16 Then Herod, when he saw that he was mocked of the wise men, was exceeding wroth, and sent forth, and slew all the children that were in Bethlehem, and in all the coasts thereof, from two years old and under, according to the time which he had diligently inquired of the wise men.

Be what it may, all systems of government are subject to corruption. The American system is supposed to have checks and balances to keep the power in the people’s hands. The cost of true freedom is extremly high ..and never completly paid in full. The Marxists have been running the educational system for many decades as evidenced of our childrens willingness to follow Bernie Sanders like they do. HOW SAD. WE HAVE FAILED OUR CHILDREN.
They don’t understand that this is exactly what America ran away from. People think Capitalism is unfair. The corruption exists when our laws – that already exist, are not being enforced properly. Hence, our Government has fallen into an Oligarchy…both parties have the appearance of being seperate, but they are not. And they rely on the ignorance of the population, which they try to perpetuate in order to gain full control.
Well, I am here to tell you: You can all banter about the semantics all day long. BUT their is no replacement for good Ol’ American Freedom…If you think it is unfair; you are free to leave. Just because you were born here, does not exclude your ignorance from turning you into a domestic threat. You need to get smart real fast, or prepare to fight. For you see, their is no place left in the entire universe for freedom to go. maybe you all can make a go of it in Antartica. We should have it thawed enough soon. But woe to those who wake the silent majority and take us from our daily lives to deal with your attempt to take what we have away from us. Try improving Norway’s government if you feel you need to tinker. To Me; Socialism is just half-assed Communism. and they might as well be the same, cause it ain’t happening here brother. You will need to fight. Are you really ready for that? There is not 1 right I will give up to your ignorant comprehension of fairness. Their is a difference between being just a citizen and a True American. One understands the obligaton, and the other wants to turn the clock back 300 years. Yes, we are trained baby killers, with only our conscious as our guide. So be careful where you tread. And if you find this offense; take it as an internal que to brush up on your Dutch.