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During a trip to Poland in August 2002 he reiterated his opposition to abortion:

Saint Thomas Aquinas and Saint Augustine, pray for us!

The Intelligences that moved the planets, corresponding to the Greek gods for Aristotle and to for Muslims and Christians, were rather arbitrarily made pure form also.

This paper relates the speeches of Aristophanes and Socrates.

Thomas might find some ground in Aristotle's metaphysics to quibble over the implications of this, it is quite obvious, for instance, from Aristotle's writings that his God works no miracles or in any other way abridges the regularity of the laws of nature -- something required by Christian and Islamic tradition and theology.

This achievement, customarily called "Thomism," continues to ground Catholic theology, as in Jacques Maritain (1882-1973), and still appeals to modern secular Aristotelians, such as (1902-2001).

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Yet the end of Islâmic theology is the systematization of the overwhelming of God, of one's in comparison, and of the complete of one's own will in -- , -- to him.

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Even the great scholar and traveler , al-Bîrûnî (d.1050), who studied Sanskrit and described , knew that sharp criticisms of Aristotle were put forward by Philoponus [].

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Nearly the entire corpus of Plato and Aristotle and of the physicians Hippocrates and Galen was translated by a single (Aramaic speaking) Christian, , , (or in Latin, 808-876).

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In the "Galileo and the Leaning Tower of Pisa" chapter of [University of Pittsburgh, 2011], Martínez, although apparently unaware of Philoponus or Borro, has tracked down several references to contemporaries of Galileo who dropped weights, sometimes actually from the Leaning Tower of Pisa, who observed that , just as Aristotle had said.

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Hieronymus Vitelli, Academia litterarum regiae borussicae, Berlin, 1887-1888, p.683 16 ff -- see the analysis of the Greek text and this translation ]Galileo thus did not originate the experiment that would refute Aristotle's view that falling objects gained speed in proportion to their weights.

Comparison of Plato, Aquinas, Aristotle and Augustine

Aristotle didn't like the notion in that form, but he still agreed that the air was pushing and that a medium (like air, water, etc.) was necessary for motion.

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Until recently, little of this was available in English translation; but now the "international Ancient Commentators on Aristotle project," founded in 1987 by Richard Sorabji, has produced at least 23 volumes of Philoponus [published by Cornell University Press in the US and Duckworth in Britain].