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As the superpower of western civilization Germany would bringorder to Christendom.

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One should really not take one's civilization for granted. Its preservation isn't just a matter of getting the right message to the masses to strengthen their faith. If the elites have to continuously reinforce faith in one's civilization then that civilization isn't built on very stable ground.

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Author Benjamin Barber has written another of the most significant recent works on the way cultures clash, titled “Jihad vs. McWorld.” However, unlike Huntington, who sees the world splitting along cultural lines, Barber defines the battle as one between traditional values, which is the source of what he terms Jihad, on the one hand (although the term originates in Islam, Barber applies it to any tradition-centered, anti-globalizing movement); and the forces of globalization, or McWorld, on the other.

Based on the author's seminal article in Samuel P. Huntington's is a provocative and prescient analysis of the state of world politics after the fall of communism. In this incisive work, the renowned political scientist explains how "civilizations" have replaced nations and ideologies as the driving force in global politics today and offers a brilliant analysis of the current climate and future possibilities of our world's volatile political culture.

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…The fundamental source of conflict in this new world will not be primarily ideological or primarily economic. The great divisions among humankind and the dominating source of conflict will be cultural. Nation states will remain the most powerful actors in world affairs, but the principal conflicts of global politics will occur between nations and groups of different civilizations. The clash of civilizations will dominate global politics. (Huntington, 1993)

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This rejection of liberalism outside of the West (and by immigrants from other civilizations) is happening while at the same time classical liberalism is under an escalating attack by postmodernists within the West. These postmoderns hold a number of other values above free speech and truth seeking. The "Safe Spaces" postmoderns in universities - and increasingly in other institutions - are attacking free speech and free thought and the unrestricted search for truth. See this video:

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For a large proportion of students, Richard Arum and Josipa Roksa’s answer to that question is a definitive no. Their extensive research draws on survey responses, transcript data, and, for the first time, the state-of-the-art Collegiate Learning Assessment, a standardized test administered to students in their first semester and then again at the end of their second year. According to their analysis of more than 2,300 undergraduates at twenty-four institutions, 45 percent of these students demonstrate no significant improvement in a range of skills—including critical thinking, complex reasoning, and writing—during their first two years of college

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Harvard University Professor Samuel Huntington has produced one of the seminal works on the concept that culture will be the principal factor that divides the world in the future. In the article entitled, “The Clash of Civilizations?,” which was later expanded into a full book, Huntington writes: