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The Village is wonderful and the weather is great

Mrs. Lennox let me dry the dishes for her after the noon meal, thensent me to visit the neighbor in the next house, while she should stowher things in the wagon and get ready for the journey. I loved thislady in the next house as soon as she spoke to me, and I wasdelighted with her baby, who reached out his little arms to have metake him, and raised his head for me to kiss his lips. While he slept,his mother sewed and talked with me. She had known my parents on theplains, and now let me sit at her feet, giving me her workbox, that Imight look at its bobbins of different-colored thread and the prettyneedle-book. When I told her that the things looked a little likemother's and that sometimes mother let me take the tiniest bit of herwax, she gave me permission to take a tiny taste of that which I heldin my hand to see if it was like that which I remembered.

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Mrs. Elinor Eddy, who passed away in the Murphy cabin on the seventh ofFebruary, was the only wife and mother called by death, in either camp,before the arrival of the First Relief. Both and,then a lad of eleven years, assert that Mrs. Eddyand little Margaret, her only daughter, were buried in the snow nearthe Murphy cabin on the ninth of February. Furthermore, the Breen Diaryand the death-list of the Donner Party show that not a husband orfather died at the Lake Camp during the entire period of the party'simprisonment in the mountains.

"Seventh-day Adventism Renounced" by D. M. Canright, 1914

While Captain Kerns at Sutter's Fort was sending messengers todifferent points, and Mrs. Sinclair was collecting clothing to replacethe tattered garments of the members of the Forlorn Hope, her husbanddespatched an open letter to the people of San Francisco, describingthe arrival of the survivors of the Forlorn Hope, and the heart-rendingcondition of those remaining in the mountains. He urged immediateaction, and offered his services for individual work, or to coöperatewith Government relief, or any parties that might be preparing to goout with Messrs. Reed and McCutchen, who were known to be endeavoringto raise a second expedition.