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"Pirates of Penzance" was released to pay television on February 17, 1983, the same day that it went into theatrical release.

A pirate king and his men meet a major general's daughters in this version of the Gilbert & Sullivan operetta.

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An honest young man is forced into piracy by a cruel twist of fate, but ultimately manages to return to the right side of the law, and win the girl of his dreams.

"Pirates of Penzance" was based on the New York Shakespeare Festival's stage production of the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta.

He soon falls for Mabel, one of the Major-General's eight daughters, but the Pirate King has a plot to keep Frederic in his band of rogues forever.

This Broadway version of the classic Gilbert & Sullivan musical comedy features almost the entire original cast.

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A few short weeks before the Broadway premiere Sullivan had penned a note to his mother regarding Pirates - "I think it will be a great success for it is exquisitely funny, and the music is strikingly tuneful and catching."

The Pirates of Penzance is the story of Frederic who, as a young lad, was mistakenly apprenticed to a band of pirates.

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By opening Penzance in New York, Gilbert and Sullivan were able to retain their profits as well as launch successful “authorized” touring companies in the United States before returning home to open their new hit in London.

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Gilbert and Sullivan invented topsy-turvyism, by which values and social conventions are upended for satire and mockery. The Pirates of Penzance is full of such satire, and it ends with a lulu of the topsy-turvy species, but the contrivance is as shallow and thin as the Act One set is flat, and it lacks any foreshadowing whatsoever. Still and all, the contrivance and the entire opera have for generations satisfied class-stratified Britons and Americans, especially those of about a twelve-year old mental age, to whom pirates of the mind belong.

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His melodious tones win over the heart of Major General Stanley's songbird daughter, but when the Pirate King discovers General Stanley has lied about being an orphan to keep the pirates from stealing all of his belongings and carrying off his bevy of beautiful daughters, an "ingenious paradox" may prevent the budding romance and lead to the death of "The very model of a modern Major-General."

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Watching this version of "The Pirates of Penzance" has not, I fear, left me terribly anxious to see more, although I suspect most of my problems are with the adaptation, rather than the source material. tells the story of Frederic (Rex Smith), a lad who was apprenticed to a Pirate King (Kevin Kline) at the age of eight.

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The original production of The Pirates of Penzance took place in 1879 in New York City, not London. W.S. Gilbert, Arthur Sullivan, and their producer Richard D’Oyly Carte moved the production to New York to avoid the English theatrical industry, which had cheated them out of all royalties for H.M.S. Pinafore. There’s even a mocking line in Pirates about “that infernal nonsense Pinafore.” The production delighted New York from the first performances, and four separate touring companies of the show fanned out across America. The opera didn’t open in London for four months after the New York opening.