in that pirates are the guys in this world.

Also it features Blackbeard as a pirate and Barbossa as a British privateer.

An unfortunate of one of the Pirate Lords learned this the hard way.

The position itself is chosen by vote (and being pirates, all of them ), and was voted by Sparrow and self, breaking the tie and becoming the Pirate King in the third movie.

The Pirate Lords were, to a man, skint broke.

When the Black Pearl attacks Port Royal, the pirates in the neighboring cell are freed by a cannonball knocking down the wall, but Jack is still stuck in his cell.

Several times through all three films, characters make note of how difficult it's become to make a living as a pirate, with no sign of the change slowing down.

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, ""Pirates of the Caribbean is a Disney film franchise based on a , centering around the adventures of pirate Captain Jack Sparrow on his quest for immortality and rum.

A Pirate Looks at Fifty book by Jimmy Buffett - Thriftbooks

For the millions of fans of Jimmy Buffett's music as well as his bestselling books, and , here is the ultimate Jimmy Buffett philosophy on life and how to live it. As hard as it is to believe, the irrepressible Jimmy Buffett has hit the half-century mark and, in , he brings us along on the remarkable journey which he took through the Southern hemisphere to celebrate this landmark birthday.

Jimmy takes us from the legendary pirate coves of the Florida Keys to the ruins of ancient Cartegena. Along the way, we hear a tale or two of how he got his start in New Orleans, how he discovered his passion for flying planes, and how he almost died in a watery crash in Nantucket harbor. We follow Jimmy to jungle outposts in Costa Rica and on a meandering trip down the Amazon, through hair-raising negotiations with gun-toting customs officials and a 3-year-old aspiring co-pilot. And he is the inimitable Jimmy Buffett through it all.

For Parrotheads, for armchair adventurers, and for anyone who appreciates a good yarn and a hearty laugh, here is the ultimate backstage pass -- you'll read the kind of stories Jimmy usually reserves for his closest friends and you'll see a wonderful, wacky life through eyes of the man who's lived it. is a breath of fresh air and a ingenious manual for getting to 50 . . . and beyond.

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Real pirates were (and still are) murderers, rapists, thieves, and sadists who wanted to take their life of crime to the lawlessness of the sea where they were harder to pursue.