Poverty, Inequality, and Policy

All students who declare Political Economy must meet the eligibility requirements listed below:

Science, Technology, and Economic Development

This influence is reflected in the American Declaration of Independence.

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For further information regarding the eligibility requirements, please contact a program adviser.

The course list for the Political Economy minor is available on the .

To have a concentration approved, students must submit a two-paragraph description of the particular issue they would like to study. Students must also submit a list of their four proposed courses along with a brief explanation (one to two sentences each) of how each course relates to their proposed concentration. Please use the form provided . Concentration proposals must be submitted in person to a PE adviser along with the complete PE application. Students may be asked to provide syllabi for certain courses.

Please note that if an adviser determines a concentration proposal needs to be developed further, it will not be submitted for review by the IAS Faculty Committee until revisions have been made. For this reason, it is best not to delay speaking with a PE adviser about concentration topic ideas. concentration proposals are reviewed by the IAS Faculty Committee and students are notified by email if their concentration has been accepted or is being returned for revisions.

Of the 120 units, 36 must be upper division units

In addition to courses offered by IAS, students might consider looking in the following departments or disciplines for classes relevant to their concentration topic: Political Science; Economics; Sociology; Geography; History; Public Policy; Environmental Economics and Policy; Public Health; Gender and Women's Studies; Legal Studies; Global Studies, Environmental Science, Policy, and Management; and City and Regional Planning.

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To declare the minor: Students must meet with an IAS adviser to review the application materials. Bring the completed application (found on the IAS website:) and supporting documents to the IAS Office in 101 Stephens Hall and sign up to see an adviser. Confirmation of your admission will be sent within fifteen working days of submitting your complete application. Once admitted, any changes to the program must be approved by an IAS adviser in advance.

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In relation to social contract theory, he developed an alternative to Thomas Hobbes' state of nature, claiming that the government was only legitimate if it acknowledged the people's consent, and protection of universal rights as life, liberty and property.

Fall and/or spring: 15 weeks - 1 hour of seminar per week

Undergraduate students in the College of Letters & Science must fulfill the following requirements in addition to those required by their major program.

Summer: 8 weeks - 2 hours of seminar per week

To get started on the concentration, students should think about an existing or potential issue or question in political economy. Then they should choose four courses that will inform or increase their understanding about that issue. These courses should all relate to the topic as well as to one another. Students are encouraged to be imaginative in defining a concentration. A concentration issue is formulated by the student with the assistance of a PE adviser who can help to explain, clarify, or perhaps challenge that issue. Students having a difficult time formulating a concentration should think about the classes they have taken which they enjoyed the most and consider what topics they learned about in those courses. Also, topics covered in , , and are a good place to start.