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Because of this, many portrait artists tried to enhance the standing of both their painting and their subject by giving their portraits an historical, religious, or mythological setting.

The impression is that More, as a young man, was on friendlyterms with the Queen of England.

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It has been said that every Flemish artist was a born portrait painter and to survey the course of Flemish painting from Van Eyck to Rubens and Van Dyck is to realize how much truth there is in this observation.

The presence of Richard, Duke of York, is confirmed by the artistHolbein in the Group Portrait of Sir Thomas More and his family.

At the same time, since we know that the genetic material in every humanbeing is derived from each parent at conception and that approximately half ispaternal and the other half maternal in origin and identifiable in theoffspring, a reasonable point of departure might be a similar examination of asample taken from the bodies of Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville, the parentsof the two princes, in order to fully verify the present argument concerningthe real identities of Sir Edward Guildford and Dr.

Born at Augsburg, he chose to work when young in the German-Swiss city of Basel which as well as being prosperous was a centre of scholarly humanism.

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Yet, beautiful work as it is in a delicate miniature style, seemingly related to that of the Franco-Flemish artist Andre Beauneveu (c.1330-1403), it poses a problem in the image it gives of the young and beardless Richard II.

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Examples include: (c.1466) by Piero Della Francesca; (c.1474) by Andrea Mantegna; Leonardo's (Portrait of Cecilia Gallerani) (c.1490), and (c.1503), wife of Francesco del Giocondo; Raphael's (1515); Jan van Eyck's (1436); Holbein's (1523, National Gallery, London); (1532, SMPK, Berlin); and (1533, National Gallery, London); (1624) by Frans Hals; (1642) and (The Staalmeesters) (1662) by Rembrandt; (1764) by Joshua Reynolds; (1785) by Thomas Gainsborough; (1832) and (1844-65) by Ingres.

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Although many of these works are not limited to a single face or figure, and some are viewable only at a distance, their aim was to pictorialize Christianity in personal form, and therefore should be regarded as part of the portrait genre.

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Other noteworthy religious and mythological portraits of the Renaissance, including: Jan van Eyck's portraits of Adam and Eve in his masterpiece (1425-32); Mantegna's (c.1490); Leonardo's

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First, in ancient Greece, Egypt and Rome (as well as in Mycenean, Minoan and other Mediterranean cultures), painters and sculptors were used to portray a wide range of Gods and Godesses, in a range of public artworks.

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That said, in very simple terms one can detect two basic styles or approaches in portrait-painting: the 'Grand Style' in which the subject is depicted in a more idealized or 'larger-than-life' form; and the realistic, prosaic style in which the subject is represented in a more down to earth realistic manner.