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Study of the behaviour of adhesive joints of steel with CFRP for its application in bus structures

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Dr. Hu is a senior expert who has more than 30 years of experience in the transportation industry. He was General Manager and then Board Chairman from 2005 to 2011 in Shenzhen Bus Group Company Ltd, one of the biggest public transport companies in China that owns the largest bus network in Shenzhen City. Prior to this, he was Executive Deputy General Manager of Shenzhen Metro Co., Ltd from 2001 to 2004. Dr Hu worked successively as Civil Engineer, Project Manager, Deputy Division Chief and Division Chief in Shenzhen Municipal Transportation Bureau from 1992 to 2001, and he did a research study in the Transportation Research Centre, University of Kansas, USA.

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The deployment of electric buses has risen noticeably over the past 5 to 10 years, influenced by national energy policies worldwide and driven by environmental requirements more than by commercial considerations. To address the urban air quality concerns, China has strong commitment in the adoption of fully-electric solution for urban bus network. Taking Shenzhen as an example, the city aims to have 100% of its buses powered by electricity by the end of 2017, which equates to more than 16,000 pure electric buses in operation.

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Five years down the road, the company is regretting why it commenced operations prematurely without ensuring that government fulfilled its side of the bargain on the Shs40 billion investment.
According to Mr Gordon Abesiga, the Pioneer Easy buses general manager, when they started operations in 2012 they were supposed to import 500 buses, but only 100 came to test the market.
Their agreement with KCCA was that they would decongest the city, provide cheap, reliable and safe passenger transport which would eventually push taxis out of the city.

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[…] Revenues from the tolls charged to solo drivers could be invested in better transit service, possibly including public buses on the highway, rather than paying off the extra $100 million in construction costs needed to widen the highway […]

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Indeed for a fare of Shs500 within the city centre and Shs1,000 for any distance outside the city, the Pioneer Easy buses received a warm reception which has stayed on until today because their fare is constant no matter the situation on the road unlike commuter taxis which charge erratically depending on the availability of customers.

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This degree is tailored to give students a firm grounding in the basics of business theory and practice and is designed as a possible entry point to further postgraduate study or as a challenging stand-alone degree. Upon completion, students are encouraged to continue their studies in either the Graduate Diploma in Business, Master of Business Administration or Master of Business Leadership.

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