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@A R Karthick: Logically, the entire cache is flushed on each write. This is important for the “safe publication” pattern – you can initialize some data structure and write a reference to it into a volatile field. Any readers who see the reference to the data structure are guaranteed to see its contents in a fully initialized state. Admittedly, I don’t fully understand all of the details in the hardware that make this guarantee happen.

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There are two reasons why a read of a non-volatile field may observe a stale value: compiler optimizations and processor optimizations.

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I have a question I can’t seem to get answered; what happens with respect to [ThreadStatic] variables? It is my understanding that static variables marked with [ThreadStatic] could still suffer from the same mutlicore issues that volatile is meant to solve.

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When you read a non-volatile field in C#, a non-volatile read occurs, and you may see a stale value from the thread’s cache. Or, you may see the updated value. Whether you see the old or the new value depends on your compiler and your processor.

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To understand how volatile and non-volatile memory accesses work, you can imagine each thread as having its own cache. Consider a simple example with a non-volatile memory location (i.e. a field) u, and a volatile memory location v.

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The first reason why a non-volatile read may return a stale value has to do with compiler optimizations. In the infinite loop example, the JIT compiler optimizes the while loop from this:

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The memory model defines what state a thread may see when it reads a memory location modified by other threads. For example, if one thread updates a regular non-volatile field, it is possible that another thread reading the field will never observe the new value. This program never terminates (in a release build):

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Are we talking the “thread” cache here or hardware cache. (ie. the whole L1, L2, L3 cache chain) Or more like a read through operation? (I guess not since that is weak volatile semantics as I understand you)