Symbolism in Eudora Welty's "A Worn Path" Free Essay

Eudora Welty’s short story “A Worn Path” describes the journey of Phoenix Jackson

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, a web site to accompany a presentation from public broadcasting's . Contents include a Eudora Welty timeline, an essay about Welty by her friend Reynolds Price, an analysis of how the novel was transformed into a screenplay, a summary of the plot, and a teachers guide.

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Which is exactly the point at which limited omniscience can become so tricky. And yet, it is all but impossible for any but the most inexperienced of English-language readers to identify that story as not being told in the first person. That, surely, qualifies “A Worn Path” as the work of a master of the language even if nothing else did.

It is a bright but cold morning in December when an old woman with the mythologically-infused name sets out along a worn path she knows well. Armed with a cane in her hand and red rag to keep her head warm, Phoenix may possess a name endowed with academic vitality, but her existence is that of a thousand other old Negro women who have walked along similarly worn paths throughout a Southern United States defined by its racism toward people like Phoenix on the basis of nothing more than the color of her skin.

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The path symbolizes life itself including all obstacles, pain, and splendor along with its nature as a journey that human beings must endure with as much courage and dignity as possible motivated by adoration.