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Peace is never easily won, for war certainly has something to do with it.

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A Lover’s Quarrel with the World progresses in such a fashion, with the elderly Frost, 88, espousing wisdom to his successors (President Kennedy included) while Clarke silently comments with her camera.

The bucolic scenes Frost denounces do not necessarily portray a simple, woodsy man, but rather a man at peace.

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Frost’s subsequent speeches at Sarah Lawrence College and Amherst College run throughout the entire film, with Clarke cutting back and forth to excerpts of Frost’s laughs and lessons with college students.

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Kennedy: “The artist, however faithful to his personal vision of reality, becomes the lost champion of the individual mind and sensibility, against an intrusive society and officious state.” This begins President Kennedy’s encomium to Frost, honoring his life and career at a Congressional Gold Medal ceremony on March 26, 1962.