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thanks Manish for all your help:)
I have reschedule my appointment, will now go in feb by that time I will get my PAN card updated with my new name.

this forum is of no use…. just go call that embassy or consulate and clear your doubt…. no one replied my question either,,,

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Sorry to hear about your situation. You will have to apply for a passport reissue with dual reasons selected in the application: Lost/Stolen passport and name change. Documents for both reasons will have to be attached. There will be additional penalty that will have to be paid because of stolen passport. Also you will have to apply under normal scheme since tatkal scheme is not allowed in case of lost/stolen passports.

Thanks Manish for prompt reply. I really appreciate your patience. So basically I will need address proof with new surname. Then it’s a big problem for me. I have only one bank account which is my salary account. To change my surname in bank, I have to change my surname in my company database also. I am not very keen on changing my surname in company.
Is there any work around for this?

Respected sir, please refer comment no

i have one query. i got my passport through Tatkaal in two days. Post verification the report has been issued adverse. The report says i do not stay at the mentioned address. All my documents are of that address. I stay currently at Mulund. I am getting married in November and have to go for my honeymoon in November itself. If the report is adverse will they ask my passport back and if yes what is the process of reissuing the passport again. what is the time frame needed to get the passport back.

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Its great to see your prompt responses to all questions above 🙂 I just have one query. I have got an appointment for reissue of my passport that expires in Jan 2014. It has been scheduled for 4th Nov 2013. The only reason for reissue is that is it expiring. No other change required. How long will it take after the appointment? I am planning to travel to Europe in Jan 2014. Look forward to your help 🙂

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Hi Manish/ds, So i went to the police stattion and the officer told me that he has still not forwarded my passport file to cbi branch because of some internet issues, i am surprised that my fille has been lying at the local oshiwara police station for a month now with all valid documents of my residance and id proofs for absoulutely no valid reason!!!! and then he was like he will give me some outward number on monday that is the 30th sep… i am confused why this is happening shud i bribe him? or shud i file an rti??? This iis so frusstrating i need my passport asap as my i20 forms are pending in the uni s that i have applied abroad. Thanks

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Hi Manish. Great Job !! A very Big THANK YOU for all the help 🙂
I have one question. I applied passport in Tatkal for ECNR stamp and adding spouse name. The passport officer put a stamp saying “Extended by the issue of a fresh booklet” . What does this mean and do I get new passport with new passport number or my old(existing) passport number.

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Thanks Manish, But I am using my current signature before opening bank accounts, PAN etc so didn’t submit any form for change. Although the old signature is very much similar but I doubt still. Can I apply for a fresh passport instead of reissue? Also, I have a marriage certificate, do i still need an affidavit for change of wife’s surname in passport. One more query – how does the police verify that I am not in Lucknow. what if my parents say I am out of station. I think they dont give any prior notice before coming to house. Actually I dont want a temporary address to be in my passport, thats the issue. At one place you have said ” Also there is no way to choose the appointment slot and the same is allotted automatically by the system.” Sohas this feature come into effect or yet to come. Please help. Regards