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Hatton, Thomas, J. "Thematic Relationships between Chaucer'sSquire's Portrait and Tale and the Knight's Portrait and Tale." Studies in Medieval Culture 4(1974):452-58.
Contrasts Chaucer's sketches and tales of theSquire and Knight, emphasizing the disparity between their
attitudes towards chivalry, and arguing that Chaucer undercuts the Squire in order toencourage his court
audience to return to the values of the past.

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8, The Canterbury Tales) The author describes him as being a "manly man," providing the reader with the assumption that the monk took his hunting and other "manly" activites very seriously.

34, The Canterbury Tales, A Literary Pilgrimage) He differs greatly from other church officials in that he appears to believe its pointless to follow his monastic duties.

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Geoffrey Chaucer, one of the most important writers in English literature, was the author of The Canterbury Tales, an elaborate poem about the religious pilgrimage of twenty nine people to Canterbury....

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The most celebrated of them is the collection of stories "The Canterbury Tales" (originally written in Middle English) which were the last work of Geoffrey Chaucer and perhaps the best of the middle ages in England.

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146, The Canterbury Tales) He continues to entertain his fellow travelers by telling a tale about a devious student who plans to have an affair with the wife of a dimwitted carpenter, showing his immaturity and delight in other people's misery.

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In the General Prologue, it is written, “Some nine and twenty in a company Of sundry folk happening then to fall In fellowship, and they were pilgrims all That towards Canterbury meant to ride.” The Canterbury Tales is a collection of the stories that each of these characters tells on the journey.

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146, The Canterbury Tales) The miller's character can be viewed as realistic, because his personality matches that of a modern day bully, in that he is very intimidating, rude and uncaring.

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4, The Canterbury Tales) From the characters impressive introduction, it is clear that this man is the most valued and honorable traveler among the group.

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