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I was not merely pleased; I rejoiced. So full of wit and spirit it was! I should have added "force," hadthe book contained moments of repose, or had it risen to energy only atintervals. But I found that there was no burst of force, but an evenflow, a style that was vigorous and chaste. Nevertheless I noticedfrom time to time your sweetness, and here and there that mildness of yours. Your style is lofty and noble; I want you to keep to this manner and thisdirection. Your subject also contributed something; for this reasonyou should choose productive topics, which will lay hold of the mind andarouse it. I shall discuss the book more fully after a second perusal;meantime, my judgment is somewhat unsettled, just as if I had heard itread aloud, and had not read it myself. You must allow me to examineit also. You need not be afraid; you shall hear the truth.

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None of our possessions is essential. Let us return to the law ofnature; for then riches are laid up for us. The things which we actuallyneed are free for all, or else cheap; nature craves only bread and water. No one is poor according to this standard; when a man has limited his desireswithin these bounds, be can challenge the happiness of Jove himself, asEpicurus says. I must insert in this letter one or two more of hissayings: "Do everything as if Epicurus were watching you." There is noreal doubt that it is good for one to have appointed a guardian over oneself,and to have someone whom you may look up to, someone whom you may regardas a witness of your thoughts. It is, indeed, nobler by far to liveas you would live under the eyes of some good man, always at your side;but nevertheless I am content if you only act, in whatever you do, as youwould act if anyone at all were looking on; because solitude prompts usto all kinds of evil.

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Sure, there are a handful of academics and scientists who could EASILY give you this exact answer, but none of them are willing to take time out from their busy schedules to actually sit down and write a book just for you – much less one that wasn’t full of confusing scientific jargon and annoying fence-sitting.

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