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But there are still a few to go, not least , served up by BBC One as a gripping confection featuring all the most reliable hallmarks of the brand. A throng of archetypes were summoned as house guests to an isolated Devonian crag – crusty old gents, prim ladies and raffish young bucks, one of them in the chiselled form of ’s , fully clothed for this visit to the south-west but no less given to smouldering. Plus there’s a shady chap who was exposed as a copper – a plot twist that 63 years’ worth of theatregoers will recognise as a trick she later used in ).

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The have all been done. The must be heading that way. bobbed up as an amusing bauble earlier this year. One day a commissioning editor for drama will reach for the shelf to pull down another , secure in the comforting knowledge that the author’s name in the credits provides a guaranteed minimum of several million viewers, and come to a dread realisation. And then there were none left to adapt.

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The result leaned as much towards pitch-black psychological thriller as teasing murder mystery. Every character was haunted by visions of gruesome deaths – children drowned or run over, an old woman smothered in her bed. No one was quite as innocent as they claimed, not even Maeve Dermody’s apparently blameless young miss. “I do not like to be looked at,” she said, a corrugated look wrought into her brow. She may have to get used to it because And Then There Were None is spiffingly watchable.

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