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 Millions of animals are being subjected to animal tests and you can make a difference.

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We also feel that it is currently irrelevant to our main goals as we are trying to promote research in animals to further medicine, health and science. posted by Kristina Cook at

It is also banned in the Netherlands and Belgium, and the European Union has passed legislation that outlaws animal testing in the year 2009.

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An important part of the debate over animal rights centers on the question of the moral status of an animal. Most people agree that animals have at least some moral status – that is why it is wrong to abuse pets or needlessly hurt other animals. This alone represents a shift from a past view where animals had no moral status and treating an animal well was more about maintaining human standards of dignity than respecting any innate rights of the animal. In modern times, the question has shifted from whether animals have moral status to how much moral status they have and what rights come with that status.

The following sections briefly outline a few of the arguments for and against animal experimentation. They do not represent every possible argument, or even necessarily the best arguments. They also do not necessarily reflect the views of the HOPES team. They are simply our effort to review and raise awareness of the underlying issues.

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Your dog may have a respiratory infection caused by other respiratory viruses and not the Canine flu virus. This can only be determined by a diagnostic test performed by a veterinarian. If you think your dog is showing signs of dog flu, here are the important steps to follow:

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By 2014, products still being tested on animals in other countries will also be banned in the EU.

Seeing as cosmetic testing is outlawed, PRO-Test does not need to take a stance on cosmetic testing.

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Their genomes are also easy to manipulate to replicate the human form making them even more similar to humans.

What about cosmetic testing?

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The most important step is to vaccinate your dog against the canine influenza virus. We are strongly recommending that any dogs who participate in doggy social events, boarding, day care or grooming are vaccinated against this virus. The vaccine must be boostered 2-4 weeks after the first dose to ensure adequate response. Just like the human flu vaccine, getting vaccinated does NOT guarantee against infection, but it will make it less likely. Additionally, if your pet has been vaccinated and contracts the virus, the disease is likely to be milder and of shorter duration.

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Animal testing provides quite a few benefits to the human race. Countless medical treatments have been developed through the use of animal testing. The biggest problems are the ethical ones, which need to be individually addressed rather than animal testing as a whole.

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Animal Welfare Act Is Bypassed
The Animal Welfare Act, or AWA, was signed in 1966 in order to protect certain animals from cruel treatment. The animals that are chosen for testing are not covered in this act. This is because they carefully choose animals whose rights do not fall under the jurisdiction of the AWA.