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Simplified Shakespeare: Antony and Cleopatra

Why did they meet?
Cleopatra - a myth
(father -> died)
(father´s wife)
(brother & husband)
(brother & husband)
Caesar - Facts
deconstruction of the dying-myths
Cleopatra's Death
Oktavian overwhelmed Antony & Cleopatra
-> Oktavian wanted to show his victory with triumphal processions
-> Cleopatra would have suffered under dishonor
-> committed suicide with a poisoned snakebite (symbol for her Egyptian leadership)

Gaius Julius Caesar
* 13.

Antony and Cleopatra simplified

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What do you know about these people?
Compare the movie trailers from 1945 and 1999 concerning the myth of Caesar and Cleopatra.
A dramatic Love affair
political marriages
used violence
used violence, power-mad
Caesar's Death
15th March 44 BC:
did not want to go to council
Marcus Junius Brute (Caesar saw him as a son)
convinced him
Caesar was ambushed
-> murdered by senators (Brute assassins' ringleader)
-> 23 stabs
Caesar's Death
Caesar declared himself to be "dictator for life"
→-> full power over Rome
senators joined together
-> assassinated Caesar

love at first sight in Egypt
both were fascinated by each other
surprised him by secretly coming into his chambers
-> carpet myth
-> her husband (brother) threatened to kill her
Caesar wanted to stay in Egypt with Cleopatra
-> b/c of political reasons: forced to go
back to Rome
-> deployed troops in Alexandria
-> to protect Cleopatra
Caesarion (also known as little Caesar)
was born
Cleopatra followed her love to Rome
-> family reunited
-> Caesar died

→Crassus died
redistribution of power under Caesar and Pompey
Pompey flew to Egypt
Caesar followed -> asked Ptolemy XIII for help
Caesar powerful confederate
-> Ptolemy executed Pompey
stayed in Alexandria
-> fulfill Ptolemy XII will

Ptolemy XII died
-> in his last will he appointed Cleopatra to rule Egypt in place of Ptolemy XIII
-> asked Rome to enforce his will
had to marry
Ptolemy XIII overthrew Cleopatra
Cleopatra raised an army
-> defeat brother

long curls
->hoped for Caesars support
Why did Caesar stay in Alexandria ?
Ptolemy XIII created a riot against Caesar
-> Alexandrian war
Cleopatra and Caesar fought together
Caesar defeated Ptolemy XIII -> he died
Cleopatra became ruler of Egypt -> governor by Rome
troops should control Cleopatra + prevent riot
never ruled alone
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4.6 Dying-myths
Why did Cleopatra return to Rome ?
Ptolemy XV, son of Cleopatra was born -> nickname Caesarion
returned to Rome
-> demanded that Caesar would acknowledge his son
refused: in his last will Cleopatra and Caesarion are not included
Ptolemy XV (Caesarion)

Why did the myth of Caesar and Cleopatra came into existence and why does the love couple still fascinates
people today?
during the time of creation: political myth
-> strengthened collective unity
-> legitimated current political actions
He: powerful, brave, noble, hero, prudent
She: beautiful, independent, fascinating, exotic, feminine
role model in every day-life situation
-> perfect couple -> perfect relationship
-> admiration
atemporal myth
way of representing: movies, books, pictures, etc.

= Myth
= Reality
Brambach, Jochachim: Kleopatra, Herrscherin und Geliebte.