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“The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark,” may have first been performed 500 years ago. But when high school and college students to use Instagram to record short videos of lines from William Shakespeare’s tale of royal intrigue and revenge, nearly 500 students seized the opportunity. Scholars differ on whether or not Hamlet was the most vengeful teenager in Danish royal history. But the young people who made these many short videos demonstrated the many ways they were able to connect the world they dwell in with Prince Hamlet’s tragedy.

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Why use cartograms?
Cartograms allow you to plot an isolated variable. The map on the left shows land area, nothing else. The one on the right shows population, nothing else. Select another map on this site using or . Does it look similar to the Land Area or Population cartograms or is it a totally different world view. The thumbnail maps in the allow quick comparisons. You may find it helpful to save separately or print out certain key maps that you want to frequently compare others with. Click on the map to get a higher resolution.

In order to make it easier see what a these cartograms are showing, we try to preserve the shapes of individual territories, and keep them adjacent to adjacent territories and sea. The sea is always the same proportion of the map and gives the cartogram shape. (Antarctica is treated as sea.) In a sense the maps are all to the same scale, and every map is comparable with any other however the data was measured. Every map shows the worldwide distribution of something, called a variable. If a particular country is larger on one map than another, it follows that it has a higher proportion of the world total of the first variable.

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