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I write, mechanically, with dispatch, and have been somewhat in the practice of composition.
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The DHS' story is that these cartridges are for "target practice". The only problem with that little untruth is that the ammunition they have purchased uses a special kind of bullet (the part that leaves the gun). It is known as a "hollow point". Hollow point bullets have an opening in the center of the top of the bullet. It's purpose is to allow the bullet to expand upon contact with tissue, muscle, bone, etc. This not only increases wound size, but it increases hemorrhaging at the wound site as well. "Hollow point" bullets are not used for "target practice". These are unquestionably anti-personnel bullets designed with the intent to kill. These are not new. They are still not permitted under the terms of the Geneva convention. Target ammunition is much less expensive. It typically has a round or slightly pointed, solid surface. To punch a clean hole in a paper target, a variation of a target bullet involves one that has a smaller diameter, blunt tip with a small flange that runs around the circumference of the bullet about half way down it's length. The idea is that as this bullet passes through a paper target, it acts much like a paper punch and cuts a clean, round hole to facilitate accurate scoring. These target bullets are referred to as "wad cutters" or "semi-wad cutters". This information, coupled with the fact that DHS is supplying guns and ammunition to the Postal Service, Social Security offices, IRS offices and other federal agency offices frequented by the public suggests a more sinister purpose for the purchase of "hollow point" bullets beside "target practice". This is enough ammunition to kill every American man, woman and child 6 times. Most of us, whether we fly or not, are becoming increasingly aware of the change in the attitude and aggressiveness of DHS' TSA agents as they view and "pat down" passengers. According to one report from another federal investigative agency, the names of 82 DHS employees were identified on their own "no fly" list of suspected terrorists. How is that for accurate and effective vetting?

As director of the “Murri School” does his View andAttitude take precedence.?
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The Chicago Academy of Sciences / Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum (CAS/PNNM) has a history of connecting people with nature and science for over 160 years. Originally founded as an institution of scientific discourse and learning between scientists and nature enthusiasts, we continue to build on our legacy of natural history exploration and education at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum through immersive exhibits, critical conservation and research initiatives, public engagement and education programming. Our mission is to create a positive relationship between people and nature through collaborations, education, research and collections, exhibitions and public forums to grow our region’s urban connection to the world of nature and science.

And what “Progress” or “Positivity” has the“Sovereignty” Activists achieved so far.?
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I am saddened beyond anything I could even begin to say or write here. When those of us who have spent many countless hours deep in thought over this unfolding tragedy try to live day to day, mangled sky after mangled sky, our hearts are heavy with the realization that we must cope with ways to live our lives without hope. If what Colonel Randall Smith says is true, then there is precious little room left for the hope of which I speak. Yet, we are still here, and we are still, at least for awhile, alive. It is at this point in the equation I hear the admonitions of Dane Wigington in my head. "Never Give Up!"

And as is the attitude of the TorresStrait people, very humble and unassuming.
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Biography of 122413 George Campbell Childress

My guess is that his parishioners come out of his sermons feeling more comfortable than when they went in–the very opposite of what the Master worked, eh? Don't waste your "pearls" on him. Go for those who do not, like this priest, represent the very thing that you are trying to awaken them to.

Kudos to Madhu Kishwar for this outstandingly researched article

Thank you for your critique of my article. I freely admit that I am far from being an historical scholar, or even someone with an especial, personal interest in the years surrounding WW-II. I am, by training, a neuroscientist, therapist and researcher. I teach at a medical school. Principal research interests focus on the human nervous system, its disorders, improved diagnostic and treatment techniques. To help our Country, I have tried to apply my education and experience in electronic communications to assist individuals and groups such as Oath Keepers and several state militias study for license exams, design and build stations and radio networks. My impression is that most people in a position to know realize that communications and our Nation's power grid will be impacted early on (if not prevented by us). If EMP devices are used, both will fail at the same time. My principal reason for including the information concerning 1930s Germany, as I understood it, was to illustrate for those who were not aware of them, the parallels between what occurred in pre-war Nazi Germany and what is occurring in our own Country today – from the initial, insidious to gross loss of civil rights and liberties to strenuous attempts at gun confiscation, including false flag events (e.g. Sandy Hook), to the recent upgrade to double crematoria at several FEMA detention centers. If well-trained, physically and mentally fit veterans are armed, the "veteran problem" poses a very significant obstacle for Obama, the NWO and those who would illegally invade our homes, break up our families, attempt to harm or kill us, or incarcerate us. Hence, the misinformation surrounding and concerted efforts to effect gun confiscation, referred to as "gun control" which, in actuality is "people control". Much of my knowledge of this period in German history came from archived written and cinematic documentation from both Allied and Axis sources during my career. I may not have accepted them critically enough. Unfortunately, I was not even the proverbial "twinkle" in my father's eye during WW-II. His attention was focused on flying Naval "Corsairs", "Bearcats", etc. To clarify any misunderstanding, Virginia, at no time did I have a "secret agenda". "Getting it right" for Dane and his readership was, for me, enough of a challenge. Any "biases" originated entirely and unintentionally with me. Most of my professional writing involves journal articles which leave very little or no room for bias if they are to be published. Certainly, I agree with you that "the past is prologue"; history does, indeed, repeat itself. Insofar as the history of Nazi Germany is concerned, I think that the fundamental, overriding point is simply that we never forget. The details between occurrences may be different or understood from differing perspectives, however the general themes seem to be, at times, eerily similar. To understand or, perhaps more accurately, to predict what history holds in store for us as dependably and reliably as possible does, indeed, require an accurate understanding of what has come before. As you could see, a lot of information on a variety of subjects was included (e.g. emergency communications, the DHS ammunition and arms build-up complete with untruths and their placement in heretofore unarmed locations, etc.) for reasons that I had hoped would be both valuable and practical should it be needed. At the same time, the never ending task of informing people about what our governments are doing was another goal. Judging from readers' comments, for some, this was not new information; for others, it was. Thank you for commending the books by Menuhin and Bradberry. I appreciate your thoughtful and professional comments.