Will let you all know how it goes tomorrow,

 Thanks to Dane for informing us of what otherwise wouldn't be in the news.
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John (Stonecold for the fight we WILL win!) and Sandra

My dear friends that I have met and haven't met yet. I am very careful what I wish for, ask for. I never ask for much if I ever ask anything at all. I did wish for a way to educate folks about what is affecting them directly. And what to do about it. I never asked someone to do something I wouldn't do myself. This last six months of very active "activism" has taught me much. I've shared as much as I can without coming off as rambling or tooting my own horn. I just want folks to pick up the baton and run, run like hell is on your heals! Cuz it is!

Polio was on it’s way out, before the polio vaccine, etc. It’s the terrain, not the germ.
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"All is vanity." Tess of the D'Urbervilles.

SF: We can have no way of knowing to what degree geoengineering — the ongoing daily spraying of literally tons of toxic metal nanoparticles combined with who-knows-what — has contributed to the deadly build-up of pollution now increasingly inundating our atmosphere, not just over North America, but also Africa, India, China. These particulates are said to be capable of causing permanent DNA mutations. To see the intense accumulations of Atmospheric Aerosol Particulates around our planet, use this link to go to the Earth Null School:

I wonder if a great many people have been brainwashed to self-destruct, and call it, ‘being cool’?
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The temperatures continue to be high 82F and above. The leaves spring bulbs have already come through and stand about 6 inches tall but as yet no flowers (probably arrive at Christmas).

Please check this out,Canada plans to bury nuclear waste beside lake Huron.
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Global wine production crashes to 50-year low.

Here's a story about the 1964 fire, started when a deer hunter tossed a cigarette butt somewhere on Mt. St. Helena, that ran in the Press Democrat in 2013: "History never repeats itself, but the Kaleidoscopic combinations of the pictured present often seem to be constructed out of the broken fragments of antique legends." — Mark Twain

This I believe was done during President Obama's term.

Well it's been two days now since the Barter Faire and the Farmers market. I am drained. I 'did' work this last two days. One more market booth to go and that is it for a little while. I honestly won't know what to do with Thursday afternoons now.

Both major parties have sold us out for a very long time.

I was over at the faire today, taking down our booth. I let the booth with all the banners stay and speak 2 more days. All the flyers were gone and my bar stools and chairs were still there. Good folks there. Reflecting back, I was able to speak with soooo many folks this weekend. I was so tired the other night I forgot to write about them. Conversing with a retired pilot that still flies his own plane was awesome. He came up to the booth and said, "contrails, bullshit!, they're aerosols". Interesting that he did not use the "c" term. Understandable though when he told me he follows this site. An older gal with a "vaxxed" t-shirt came to the booth. I was floored to see that t-shirt. We had a good visit. I handed out flyers at a hospitality camp fire. It was tended by four folks from the Colville tribe. Had a great conversation with them too. I might be speaking at one of their upcoming meetings. I spoke that I need them on board and they need me on board with them. They had a good camp fire, very welcoming. I spoke with hundreds of folks, but the most important of all were the young folks that were absorbing everything I put to them. I can tell when I am being patronized. Not once this weekend though. I was visited by a semi famous activist musician. He was so happy to see the geoengineeringwatch booth. He came off as a very clear headed deep thinker that knows how to lay it down. He asked if I would travel to Eugene OR for an interview in a documentary. Think I might let Dane field that one. He's much closer than I am to Eugene. Lastly here, I had a very nice fellow stop by that would not take any info. I thought this kind of strange. He was speaking of the weather assault so well. Turns out he was given a dvd from someone that received one from the market booth and assured me he would not let it gather dust. I sent that nice man off with 4 other dvd's and a hand full of info.

Next step flyers, and test kit.

In my last contribution I wrote that all I want is for people to pick up the baton and run, run like hell is on your heels, cuz it is! I don't know if there is any way to actually "feel good" with all that is coming down the pike. Tell ya this much though. It sure feels good to do something for the greater good on a consistent basis. I am seriously not good with game over. I will stand to my last breath. I will stand for the greater good and all that have the will to learn and survive. We are all one, we are all connected in an awesome way.