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The term autoethnography is subject to different interpretations and some controversy

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Neumann, Mark. 1996. Collecting ourselves at the end of the century. In Composing ethnography: Alternative forms of qualitative writing. Edited by Carolyn Ellis and Arthur P. Bochner, 172–197. London: Altamira.

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Overview of autoethnography by leading figures in this field from sociology and communication studies that emphasizes self-reflection and a methodology incorporating the researcher’s own experience, emotions, and subjectivity. Autoethnography is advocated as a process and product of research that is socially just and potentially therapeutic.

Autoethnography defined as a convergence of an ethnographic impulse and an autobiographical impulse. Author employs personal narrative in this discussion, which covers memoir and philosophy as well as ethnography.

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Comprehensive overview of the ways in which the “self” of the researcher has entered ethnographic writing. Covers such topics as embodiment, interpersonal relationships, sex and romance, and issues of authority and representation. Draws upon the author’s own experiences in the field.

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Comprehensive review and discussion of ethnographic practices that deploy life writing and associated issues of power and representation. Past, present, and future trends are identified.

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Provides good historical context to issues in life writing and ethnography. Primarily a discussion of autobiographies written or recounted by individuals from non-Western societies that were elicited by anthropologists but also attention to autobiographies written by anthropologists who turn their methods back upon themselves.

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Tedlock, Barbara. 1991. From participant observation to the observation of participation: The emergence of narrative ethnography. Journal of Anthropological Research 47:69–94. DOI:

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Highly influential discussion of the turn toward reflexivity in ethnographic writing since the 1970s. Includes discussion of first-person field accounts and research done in one’s own culture as “auto-ethnography.”

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Brandes, Stanley. 1982. Ethnographic autobiographies in American anthropology. In Crisis in anthropology: View from Spring Hill, 1980. Edited by E Adamson Hoebel, Richard Currier, and Susan Kaiser, 187–202. New York: Garland.

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Autoethnography is "Autobiographies that self-consicously explore the interplay of the introspective, personally engaged self with cultural description medtiated through language, history and ethnographic explanation" (Ellis & Bochner, 2000, p.