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The Midlands isn't the first place to consider banning smoking in public places.

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Heather Barwick
Smokers always say they have the right to smoke. Fine but I cannot choose whether I breathe in their smoke or not. I have a chronic lung condition, as a result of a childhood illness - not my fault. I have displastic lungs and a 50% function. I have great difficulty with people who light up in public places - even in non-smoking areas. I've received abuse when I've asked them to go elsewhere. The more places people smoke the fewer choices I have. Already I prefer not to go into large towns, closed spaces. You'd be surprised how poor the air quality is in most large shops. Air con. is no answer. I avoid parties and big social occasions, thereby earning the party-pooper name. I'm now 56 and have got used to it but it's no fun. I'm enormously pleased that increasing numbers of public places are now no-smoking. Smokers are selfish. It is they who should be abolished, hidden banned. let them smoke themselves to death in an enclosed space. leave the fresh air to the rest of us!

In the Midlands there are already signs of diminishing tolerance towards smoking in public places.

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Every state and territory bans smoking in enclosed public places. Indoor environments such as public transit, office buildings, shopping malls, schools and cinemas are smokefree across the country. There is, however, great variability between jurisdictions in terms of exemptions from indoor bans. Regions also have different approaches for managing smoking in outdoor areas. A detailed overview of these important variations between each state and territory is provided in this section. See also for a summary of the state and territory smokefree laws. Local governments in a number of states have also enacted local laws to ban smoking in outdoor areas not covered by state legislation.

It would be more realistic (for the city government) to designate populated streets or public areas as non-smoking zones,” said a ministry official.

In September, the World Health Organization recommended South Korea adopt more stringent regulations to ban cigarette smoking in public places and restrict tobacco advertising and promotions.

South Korea was not properly implementing policies on protecting, enforcing bans and raising taxes, according to the WHO Report on the Global Tobacco Epidemic 2017.

“Subnational jurisdictions have the authority to adopt laws that ban tobacco smoking in any or all of the places mentioned above.

But who and what are these bans meant to protect

Yonhap“Despite the public giving a nod to banning public smoking, we came to review the plan as it is difficult to define what public smoking is in practice.

The (definition of the) place for public smoking is too broad and blurred, so instead we may designate more non-smoking areas,” said a Seoul City official in charge of the citizen’s health bureau.

The city government’s anti-tobacco move was initially praised by non-smoking groups.

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About 6,800 bus stops, 1,700 subway exits, 1,700 parks and squares are also designated as nonsmoking areas.

In addition, 57 streets in areas with heavy foot traffic, including Insa-dong and part of Gangnamdaero, are now no-smoking zones, and violators face fines of up to 100,000 won ($92).

There are also another 23,900 indoor locations -- buildings of public offices, restaurants, hospitals and some apartments -- designated as smoke-free zones.

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They targeted young people in their ad campaigns, they failed to warn of the addictiveness of their products, and for years they claimed publicly that smoking doesn't cause disease.

New York Bans E-Cigarettes And Vaping In Public Indoor Spaces

Most of the problem relating to non smokers is the fact that the owners of most of the public places where smoking takes place (bars, restaurants etc ) are to mean to install any method of dispersing the fumes.

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From 9 December 2010 smoking was banned in all outdoor eating and drinking places in the Australian Capital Territory apart from designated outdoor smoking areas at licensed premises. Smoking is banned only during periods where food or drink is being offered or provided, consumed or cleared. An 'outdoor eating and drinking place' is defined as a public place where tables and chairs are provided for customers to consume food purchased from an on-site service, or any liquor licensed outdoor area. Liquor licensed venues such as pubs, clubs, taverns and bars may designate part of their licensed outdoor area as a designated outdoor smoking area (DOSA). A DOSA must be separated from non-smoking outdoor areas by a non-permeable wall, or a four metre wide buffer zone. No food or drink service may be provided and no food may be eaten within a DOSA. In addition, the occupier of the licensed premises must maintain a smoking management plan and take reasonable steps to prevent smoke from the DOSA entering any other part of the outdoor eating or drinking place.