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The allegory reveals how that flaw affects our education, our spirituality and our politics.

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The Allegory also attacks people who rely upon or are slaves to their senses.

A report I had to do on Plato's Allegory of the Cave.

In the , Plato modifies this with his theory that the right part of the soul, reason, must be dominant both for knowledge to be obtained and for it to have its salutary effect.

The answer seems to be "ordinarily not," but then it turns out that this is only because everyone is ignorant and because real knowledge must be remembered, not taught -- Plato's theory of Recollection.

With whom may they be compared?

This is probably the least honest part of the and perhaps might be considered evidence for the authenticity of Plato's rendition, since he might otherwise have been at pains to fix up the argument and address the real issue, treason, and not beat a straw man, as Socrates does.

A much more forthright and thorough treatment of all this is actually given by Xenophon, at II-12-48, where he addresses the case, not only of Alcibiades, but of Critias too, who actually went on to become one of the Thirty Tyrants.

To what may the cave be compared in our lives?

Where that comes from is mysterious, especially when Thucydides says in that class war often resulted in Greek cities, with the poor, partisans of Athens, fighting the wealthy partisans of Sparta.

With what in our lives may it be compared?

This applies equally whether we are talking about the real crimes of people like Alcibiades or just about Socrates' trivialization, so it is a genuinely valuable part of his defense.

Everyoneought to obey his or her parents.

Watching this, Alcibiades walked down to the Athenian camp and warned them that the Spartans might attack as the Athenians were getting out of their ships.

IfSocrates escapes, he will disobey his parent.

When Sparta then reopened the main war with Athens, the "Decelean" or "Ionian" War of 413-404, Alcibiades advised the construction of a fleet to contest the sea with Athens and accompanied the ships to Ionia, which was the scene of much of the subsequent fighting.

It determines (at least partially) our identity

Alcibiades got himself elected general to lead an expedition against Syracuse, which would materially damage the Sparta cause and win the thanks of the other Sicilian Greeks (often called "Siciliots").