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This major is structured to provide students with the theoretical frameworks and skill sets necessary to compete and be productive in the information technology -intensive global context that defines the new Information Age. Specifically, the degree will be focused on a program that will build an understanding of core information technologies and related areas of study; will prepare students for the practical application of various information sciences and related technologies; and engage students in sharpening their abilities to think critically and to work in teams. [COMMUNICATION ARTS]

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Note: Students would need to pass ENGL 1010 and ENGL 2010 or 2020 with a C+ or higher as prerequisites for the Behavioral Science Bachelor degree courses.

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Study in history and the social and behavioral sciences deals primarily with the study of human behavior, social and political structures, and economics. Requirements include 12 semester hours with at least a three-semester hour course in history and at least six semester hours from among other disciplines in the social and behavioral sciences. Disciplines include, but are not limited to, anthropology, economics, geography, political science, psychology, and sociology. As part of the common Core Curriculum, students must complete a six-semester hour sequence in literature (Area II), history (Area IV), or economics (Area IV).

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Geographers describe, analyze, and explain patterns of physical and human phenomena on the Earth's surface. Geography is simultaneously an environmental science and a social-behavioral science. This major helps provide grounding in analytical techniques such as map reading, cartography, and statistics. Substantive course work investigates the ways people use environmental resources and how they arrange themselves and their economic, social, and political activities on the earth's surface.
The Geography major can provide preparation for a career in business, industry, or government. Geographers with bachelor's degrees may find placement in federal, state, and local administrative and planning agencies or in private firms that specialize in planning and development or in environmental and socioeconomic analysis. [SOCIAL SCIENCE]

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Electrical engineering is the application of electrical science and technology to the needs of society. Areas of specialization may include antennas, communications, control systems, digital signal processing, electronic device fabrication and circuit design, energy conversion, fiber optics and lasers, image processing, microwaves and radar, optical computing, power systems, and remote sensing. Not only is the job market for electrical engineers very favorable, but opportunities for graduate study are abundant. Moreover, the rigorous nature of the curriculum of engineering makes it excellent preparation for advanced study and entry into a professional career in such fields as business, law, and medicine. [ENGINEERING]

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Biotechnology may be broadly defined as the application of principles of molecular and cell science in the production of biologically -important or industrially-useful products. Students in the Biotechnology major, therefore, will acquire a strong foundation in the life and chemical sciences; learn how fundamental science is applied to problems through biotechnology; develop basic laboratory skills, perform standard techniques, work with state-of-the-art instrumentation, describe and evaluate analytical methodology used in biotechnology; and become familiar with societal concerns and governmental regulations regarding the biotechnology industry. [SCIENCE]