• What obstacles in life did Arthur Ashe have to fight to overcome?

• What are the lessons we can learn from Arthur Ashe today?

In 1970, Arthur Ashe became a familiar name after Ashe easily won the 1970 Australian Open....

• Where in Richmond was the monument of Arthur Ashe placed?

6. Ask students whether they feel that Arthur Ashe is worthy of being in the Human Being Hall of Fame. Have students give examples of why he is or is not worthy.

In 1970, Arthur Ashe became a familiar name after Ashe easily won the 1970 Australian Open.

• Why was the location of the Arthur Ashe statue debated?

5. Have students write a short news article to accompany the picture or the cartoon. They can research the event and report the facts, or use it as a creative writing exercise to compose an interview with Ashe.

4. Have students take turns reading aloud the article “Tennis Legend Arthur Ashe's Statue Unveiled In His Hometown,” from the July 29, 1996, issue of Jet magazine (available at Google books). Discussion questions:

Early years Arthur Robert Ashe Jr

In this essay, Arthur Ashe, Brooks writes about the late Ashe, who died a few months before this essay was published, not only to honor him but to provide youth with an athlete who both excels at their sport as well as is intelligent.

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Of all the texts we have read this semester, my favorites are Carry Your Own Skis by, Lian Dolan Arthur Ashe by John McPhee, and Dreams by Langston Hughes.

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Since tennis is a predominantly white sport, Arthur Ashe’s desire to play was not encouraged by either race, but instead of giving up on the sport he loved, he continued playing to the dismay of many....

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Look at the photograph with students before studying the life of Arthur Ashe. This photograph, published on February 16, 1970, shows Ashe accepting a trophy from Virginia governor A. Linwood Holton Jr. after winning the Fidelity Bankers Invitational tennis tournament.

Childhood / Formative Years On July 10, 1943 Arthur Robert Ashe Jr

Heart problems forced Ashe to undergo two surgeries, the latter of which required a blood transfusion. Serving as chairman of the American Heart Association in 1981, he added health advocacy to his list of public commitments. When it was revealed that through the transfusion he had acquired HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, he campaigned for those suffering from the disease. His humanitarian legacy has included the Arthur Ashe Institute for Urban Health and the Arthur Ashe Program in AIDS Care.

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Being of Italian- American decent, if I had lived in the time of Arthur Ashe I still would not have faced racial struggles as greatly as African Americans did in that time....

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Ashe advanced the rights of blacks in America and throughout the world. His dignified approach to tennis and to life served to rebut negative stereotypes. With forceful rhetoric he decried the conditions faced by African Americans and protested the apartheid regime in South Africa. Ashe's interest in education spurred him to write a history of African American athletes, A Hard Road to Glory (1988). A television documentary based on the book won him an Emmy award.