Published on May 16th, 2017 | by Dana Folkard

At rock concerts, during intermission or at the end of theperformance, fight your way to the stage.

(Ryusuke Egawa, Masa-aki Fukase, Tomoaki Sato and Tadao Nakamura)

The fish market is located on Fulton and South Streets underthe East River Drive overpass in lower Manhattan. You can alwaysmanage to find some sympathetic fisherman early in the morning whowill lay as much fish on you as you can cart away.

If you really want a book badly enough, follow the title ofthis one-Dig!

Shahid Uz Zaman, Yen-Wei Chen, Masami Ueno and Hayao Miyagi)

One fantastic method of not only getting free food but gettingthe best available is the following technique that can be used inmetropolitan areas. Look in a large magazine shop for gourmetdigests and tourist manuals. Swipe one or two and copy down a goodname from the masthead inside the cover. Making up a name can alsowork. Next invest $5.00 to print business cards with the name ofthe magazine and the new "associate editor." Call or simply dropinto a fancy restaurant, show a copy of the magazine and presentthe manager with your card. They will insist that the meal be onthe house.

You can get a free full-color World Atlas by writing toHammond Inc. Maplewood, New Jersey 07040.

It's easy to get on welfare that anyone who is broke anddoesn't have a regular relief check coming in is nothing but agoddamn lazy bum! Each state has a different set up. The racistpenny-pinchers of Mississippi dole out only $8.00 a month. New Yorkdishes ont the most with monthly payments up to $120.00. TheAmerikan Public Welfare Association publishes a book called ThePublic Welfare Directory with information on exactly what eachwelfare agency provides and how you go about qualifying. You canread the directory at any public library to find out all you canabout how your local office operates.

Bracewell, Fuji Ren and Shingo Kuroiwa)

State legislators, librarians, PTA members, FBI agents,church-goers, and parents: a veritable legion of decency and orderalready is on the march. To get the book to you might be thebiggest challenge we face. The next few months should prove reallyexciting.

Fattah, Fuji Ren, Shingo Kuroiwa, Satoru Tsuge and I.

Watch for a special edition called Steal This White House,complete with blueprints of underground passages, methods ofjamming the communications network and a detailed map of thecelebrated room where according to Tricia Nixon, "Daddy loves tolisten to Mantovanni records, turn up the air conditioner fullblast, sit by the fireplace, gaze out the window to the WashingtonMonument and meditate on those difficult problems that face all thepeoples of this world."

Perez, Alberto Sanchez, Victor Robles and Jose M.

Tim Leary, Tom, Geronimo, Pearl Paperhanger, Sonny, PatSolomon, Allan Katzman, Jacob Kohn, Nguyen Van Troi, Susan, Marty,Andy, Ami, Marshall Bloom, Viva, Ben, Oanh, Robin Palmer, Mom andDad, Janie Fonda, Jerry, Denis, LNS, Bernadine Dohrn, a wall inHarvard Square, Nancy, an anonymous stewardess, Shirley Wonderful,Roz, Gumbo, Janis, Jimi, Dylan Liberation Front, Jeannie, GodSlick, John, David, Rusty, Barney, Richard, Denny, Ron Cobb, theentire Viet Cong, Sam Shephard, Ma Bell, Eric, David, Joe, KimAgnew, the Partridge Family, Carol, Alan Ginsburg, Woman's Lib,Julius Lester, Lenny Bruce, Hack, Billy, Paul, Willy, Colleen, Sid,Johnny Appleseed, the Rat, Craig, Che, Willie Sutton, Wanda, EVO,Jeff, Crazy Horse, Huey, Casey, Bobby, Alice, Mao, Rip, Ed, Bob,Gay Liberation Front, WPAX, Frank Dudock, Manny, Mungo, Lottie,Rosemary, Marshall, Rennie, Judy, Jennifer, Mr. Martin, Keith,Madame Binh, Mike, Eleanor, Dr. Spock, Afeni, Candice, theTupamaros, Berkeley Tribe, Gilbert Sheldon, Stanley Kubrick, Sam,Anna, Skip Williamson, UPS, Andy Stapp, the Yippies, RichardBrautigan, Jano, Carlos Marighella, the Weathermen, Julius JenningsHoffman, Quentin, the inmates of TIER A-l Cook County Jail,Houdini, 37, Rosa Luxemberg, the Kent 25, the Chicago 15, the NewYork 21, the Motor City 3, the Indianapolis 500, Jack, Joan,Malcolm X, Mayakovsky, Dotson, R. Crumb, Daniel Clyne, Justin, TheFBI Top 10 (now 16), Unis, Dana, Jim Morrison, Brian, John, Gus,Ruth, Nancy Unger, Pun, Jomo, Peter, Mark Rudd, Billy Kunstler,Genie, Ken, the Law Commune, Paula, Robby, Terry, Dianna, Angela,Ted, Phil, Jefferson Airplane, Len, Tricky Prickers, the Berrigans,Stu, Rayanne, J.B., Jonathan Jackson, the Armstrong Brothers,Homer, Sharon, Fred Hampton, Jean Jacques Lebel, A. H. Maslow,Hanoi Rose, Sylvia, Fellini, Amaru, Ann Fettamen, Artaud, Bert,Merrill, Lynne, and last but not least to Spiro what's his name whoprovided the incentive.

Kim, Jongsoo Yoon and Yoojung Kim)

In a country such as Amerika, there is bound to be ahell-of-a-lot food lying around just waiting to be ripped off. Ifyou want to live high off the hog without having to do the dishes,restaurants are easy pickings. In general, many of these targetsare easier marks if you are wearing the correct uniform. You shouldalways have one suit or fashionable dress outfit hanging in thecloset for the proper heists. Specialized uniforms, such as nun andpriest garb, can be most helpful. Check out your local uniformstore for a wide range of clothes that will get you in, andespecially out, of all kinds of stores. Every movement organizationshould have a prop and costume department.