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David Lean (who, curiously enough, was not even the studio's first, second, or even third choice for director) has achieved cinematic immortality with THE BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KWAI, a masterpiece that fluidly transcends the generations.

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Finally, the bridge was not on the River Kwai -- the Khwae-Noi -- but on the nearby Mae Klong, though I notice that the Mae Klong is now often labeled the "Khwae-Yoi." Other features on the map are the Burma Road, which had supplied China before the Japanese invasion, and the Ledo Road, built by Joe Stilwell with his Chinese troops to reopen the Burma Road.

And I hope that the people who use this bridge in years to come will remember how it was built and who built it - not a gang of slaves, but soldiers, British soldiers, Clifton, even in captivity."

Still one of David Lean's very best films despite its faults, unlike most of his epics, the plot of The Bridge on the River Kwai is focused enough to allow the film its debate on the nature of heroism and command without seeming forced, and is divided clearly into two halves.

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