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She asked if she could interviewme under the guise of Bridget Jones and I accepted.

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In the movie Bridget Jones’s Diary, Bridget found herself caught between two men, one who’s too good to be true, and another who was so wrong, he ended up being right. It was only after being seduced by the loveable scoundrel Daniel Cleaver (Hugh Grant at his most charming) that she took a second look at the impossibly decent Mark Darcy (Colin Firth in a funny Christmas sweater). She discovered the hard way that had she chosen to spend the rest of her life with Daniel Cleaver it would have been a recipe for heartbreak and disaster, whereas spending it with Mark Darcy would have been a recipe for love and romance.

Hi There! Greetings from the wild side of education!Bridget Jones is also the one I would choose to cheer me up!Xxxxx DDDDD

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Bridget Jones’s Diary was an exception though. For the most part Hollywood has us convinced that all you need is to fall crazily in love and you’ll live happily ever after.

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She was so taken with thatportrayalof Darcy that, when she wrote the Diary, she decided to name the goodboyfriend’scharacter Mark Darcy. And she was so taken with Colin Firth that,in the second book in the saga, she sends Bridget to interview Colin inItaly, just like me, and the disastrous journalist, in a seriouspickle,makes one gaffe after another.

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