Québec banned all public signs in English on September 23.

Terry would have to put off the remainder of his Marathon of Hope until later.

The offshore oil rig Ocean Ranger sank, killing 84, on February 15.

Acid Rain: Canada and the United States finally met for serious discussions and the United States finally agreed to a significant reduction in sulphur emissions.

(see 1981)Canada boycotted the Moscow Olympic Games following Russia's invasion of Afghanistan.

Canada gained a new Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Canadian ambassador to Iran, Ken Taylor, helped 6 Americans escape from Tehran on January 28, making him an overnight international celebrity.

On September 1 (Labour Day), after running the equivalent of a marathon a day, Terry made the heart-wrenching announcement from the back of an ambulance in Thunder Bay, Ontario, that the cancer had spread to his lungs.

Canadians protested the government's approval of U.S.

(There are currently 7 groups on tour around the world with permanent facilities in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Disney World in Florida.)Acid Rain: Canada re-affirmed its pledge to reduce sulphur emissions by 50% and formally requests that the United States do the same.

cruise missile testing in western Canada.

Inspired by Terry Fox, Rick Hansen began his Man in Motion Tour around-the-world tour, departing from Vancouver, British Columbia on March 21 in a wheelchair.

Turner had been prime minister for only 2 months.

(see 1987)The United States challenged Canada's sovereignty over the Arctic by sending the ice-breaker Polar Sea through the Northwest Passage.

(read )The Pope visited Canada from September 9 to September 20.

President Ronald Reagan declared mutual support of the orbital Strategic Defense Initiatives (Star Wars) and Free Trade at the Shamrock Summit in Québec City on December 2.

space shuttle Challenger on October 5.

Two years and one day after starting his Man in Motion Tour, paraplegic Rick Hansen arrived in Vancouver, British Columbia on March 22.

Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and U.S.

PM Brian Mulroney and the provincial Premiers agreed in principle to the Meech Lake Accord which would bring the province of Québec into Canada's new Constitution on April 30.

The Canadian dollar hit an all-time low of 70.2¢ U.S.

During the summer, marathon swimmer Vicki Keith swam across all 5 Great Lakes to raise money for charity, covering a total of 253 kilometres (157 miles) in 160 hours and 22 minutes.