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Ethical dilemmas in business decisions

Being ethical in business means maintaining a high level of personal integrity. This is how you earn the trust of others, whether they are your customers, team or your superiors. In this definition integrity means having a consistent character that is demonstrated by an alignment of your thoughts, words and action. Sometimes it requires you to have moral courage to do the right thing, and it takes inner strength to live up to mistakes and admit when a fault has been made. Despite a great pressure to do otherwise, ethical business managers live by a moral code they believe in, principles to maintain and they fight for their beliefs – without sacrificing their honor for the sake of just getting a job done.

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You need to demonstrate the principles and ethics you want your team to live by, and take an active role as a leader to be a positive role model. The best way you can enforce an ethical mentality is to lead by example, and creating an environment within your business that values decisions made on principles and standards of ethics. You can learn more about the ways you can .

As a Christian based company in the janitorial business we believe some of our biggest challenges will be eliminating skills gaps, meeting the need for lifelong individual learning, and addressing ethical issues and dilemmas in an effective manner....