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I once heard it in a WW2 movie that there was a difference in opinions between 2 American soldiers–one said we could overrun them in 2 weeks and the other said it would take 2 days. They were just teasing their Canadian counterparts then.

It would be the same as saying you Americans are the same as the British. There are similarities but very distinct differences as well.

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And the ever popular american statement: we came in and saved europe. Read up on some non-american war histories, yes your country played a vital role in defeating our enimies, but careful in your assumptions about what role. Your best service was in supplies for most of the war – give us guns and we can go use them on our enimies who don’t have the resources north america did – the same reason japan was screwed when they had not won the war within about 6 months…

I think that the future of Canadian/American relations leans more toward a dissolving of the border than military aggression. IMHO, of course.

Yeah PaulS, I totally agree with you. I am a proud Canadian but I think that some of my fellow countrymen should get off thier high horse. When it comes down to it, Canada and America are more alike than they are different. I’ve travelled throughout Canada and America and, other than your crazy mono-coloured money, I hardly even notice I’m in a different country.

I stand by my complaints. I know America is not perfect, I would just like to know why it seems that Canada voted itself our moral mentor.

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its lucky i know you rosie…but anyhow, leading trade partner or not, the american government has proven time and time again that if given a little bit of rope, they’ll try to hang canada with it. IE. Softwood Lumber tariffs. NAFTA was a brainchild of the US and they completely go against it to screw us over. Anyone who doesn’t think this is a serious problem should take a drive by the Keewatin, Ont. lumber yards.

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As for all you other Canadians out there, I am sorry that you have meet the ignorant percentage of Americans and I am ever more sorry that you judge a large populous on a couple of unfavorable encounters. What happened to the great Canadians greeting anyone and everyone with open arms? I do not understand why there is so much hatred and ill will toward our two great countries and why it seems as though the “users” on this website are so quick to judge.

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Wow…. So much hate here! I’m American and I took a road trip to Winnipeg once when I was 18 so I could drink at the bars, and I had a blast. We were driving down a main road (I forget the name) and in the middle of traffic, just to be silly, I yelled out the window at an SUV with it’s windows down “SO WHERE ARE ALL THE GOOD BARS?” Much to my surprise, the driver of the SUV (while both cars were moving mind you,) laughed and gave at least three good suggestions before traffic separated us. That was the moment that will for me, forever define the wonderful Canadian character. Also when we got to the bar, we learned that by law, anyone who volunteers to be the designated driver gets free non alcoholic drinks. How cool!

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Being an American, I think that it is absurd that any Canadian would actually think that we might possibly still have a plan to attack your country. You are our leading trade partner! Why would sacrifice all of the trade between our countries and our close ties to the British? President Bush may have made a bad name for Americans, but there are actually intelligent Americans out there.