Cost of the Death Penalty: An Introduction to the Issue.

From 1973 to 1988 Florida spent $57 million on the death penalty( July 10, 1988).
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Death Penalty Information Center.

Your arguments aren’t in any way convincing. Those “developments” to which you refer were never flat contradictions of what had been taught before. This is. The death penalty has been and remains a matter of prudential judgment.

That is, prosecutors spend much more on death penalty cases thanon noncapital homicide cases.
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The deterrent effect ofthe death penalty: Facts v.

This means that not only are enormous sums of moneydedicated to death penalty prosecutions, but those moneys are divertedfrom literally dozens of other criminal cases.

No credible study of capital punishment in the United States has ever founda deterrent effect.
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The teaching of the Church that the state has at least in principle a lawful power to impose the death penalty is thus plainly false and indefensible unless it is a truth at least de fide divina. Genesis 9:6 is sufficient to establish it as such for murder and for crimes of comparable gravity. If, as Professor Fastiggi submitted on 24 October, the proposition is, at its highest, no more than sententia communis, then this would be sufficient to establish the Church’s traditional teaching as plainly false and evil from the beginning. His submission, then, proves too much and is fatal to his case.

Comparative data also fails to demonstrate any deterrent value to thedeath penalty.
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1984. Deterrence Study of the Death Penalty in Illinois,1933-1980.

Specific DeterrenceSome proponents of the death penalty argue that capital punishment providesa specific deterrent which controls individuals who have already been identifiedas dangerous criminal actors.

The death penalty is anathema to both goals.

The fact of the matter is that over 90% of all prisoner homicides, killingsof other prisoners or correctional officers, occur in states with capitalpunishment (Sellin, T.

Thus the death penalty remains valid.

An extensive death penalty study, using multiple means of measurementthat measured the impact of capital punishment in three distinct and differentways could find no evidence that the death penalty had any effect on felonycrime rates, "this pattern holds for the traditional targeted offense ofmurder, the personal crimes of negligent manslaughter, rape, assault androbbery, as well as the property crimes of burglary, grand larceny, andvehicle theft.

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Similarly, when states withthe death penalty are compared to those without the death penalty, thedata show that a majority of death penalty states have homicide rates higherthan non-death penalty states.

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In fact, the death penaltyis more likely to endanger the lives of police who investigate crime andpursue fugitives, and endanger the lives of witnesses who may provide evidencenecessary for conviction.