this is not the case for all the parts of language.

The casestudy is further developed through challenge questions at the end of eachsection.
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The Gambia provided a positive case study involving: ..

(3) Two of the obvious sources of lead suggested in the case study are leadedpaint at home (paint flakes, household dust, and soil) and fumes and dustfrom solder at the radiator repair shop.

(1) Who else in the family or community discussed in the case study is atrisk of lead poisoning?
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The Strange Case of Anna Stubblefield - The New York …

One studyshowed that damage to the central nervous system (CNS) that occurred as aresult of lead exposure at age 2 resulted in continued deficits in neurologicdevelopment, such as lower IQ scores and cognitive deficits, at age 5.

(2) Evaluate the exposure potential and risk to the fetus mentioned in thecase study.
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(7) Several weeks after chelation therapy and removal from the source ofexposure, in some cases the patient's blood lead level is found to haveincreased again.

In some cases, the lead levelsare mandated; in others, they are only recommended standards .
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