Pet Food Store Owner Starves Cat!

MAU MAU HERE (you were expecting someone else?)

The ferrets will be here from 11am to 2pm.

Mom and Dad finally came home and fed us. The TEENAGERS got in BIG TROUBLE. HaHa… serves them right. Bet they never forget to feed me again. I still have that 800# to the hotline.. now only if the cats would answer the phone! So don’t forget to get the cat’s food if you are out or your cat might call that 800#!

Check out the ferrets currently available at this page:

Tuesday, March 13th is K9 Veterans Day.

3. Package handling only takes 1 business days at our warehouse, so please make sure entering correct payment and shipping information before checking out. Once your payment is completed, we are not going to accept any more changes to your order.

For more information on Furry Ferret Rescue, please go to their website:

Needless to say…. HERE IS THE HORROR OF IT ALL…Yes, can you believe it – they FORGOT TO FEED ME! I tried to call DCFS (Division of Cat Family Services) to hotline them but the cats answering the phone had left for the night to go have dinner. I AM STARVING at this point. Wasting away to nothing. No amount of meowing, purring, being cute could get their attention. I just went and laid down and looked at them. Really! (I am still traumatized… oh no, that is just my stomach rumbling)

Give thanks to our four-legged companions who proudly served and fought for our country.

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