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Amnesty International Australia – Chinese Internet Censorship

23/09/2008 · Amnesty International Australia ..

So yes, I’m for a screening of VAXXED in every town in Australia! EVERYONE should see this film and demand that the censorship that has kept so many folks in the dark on this topic end. Anyone who has read the publications of the “Censored News Project,” knows that censorship, on many topics, is alive and well in the United States. It’s also (apparently and sadly), alive and well in Australia.

Amnesty International Australia – Chinese Internet ..

of the Chinese government’s Internet censorship policies.

What’s happening in Australia is a clear indication that NO ONE knows about the work of Dr. Archie Kalakeranis about forty years back and the provincial thinking illustrated by his terrible treatment by the medical profession whose answer to the fifty percent infant mortality in the aborigine children he was caring for, was just more anti-biotics and vaccines! Dr. K’s interventions reduced the infant mortality to near zero! And guess what? The C.D.C. was contacted three times by Dr. K and his colleagues about sharing their findings and they weren’t even interested in learning about their work!

There are a few lessons here and one is that people have always been close-minded and do NOT want to entertain thoughts that might contradict their own viewpoints. I earlier indicated the censorship of the amazing work of Dr. K in Australia as but one example. There are hundreds of others for those of you that study the history of science and medicine: Galileo, Semmelweis, Funk, Hoffer and Pauling most immediately come to mind.