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The Victorian eraseems like another world to us. Yet the late Victorians were very familiar withmany of the things we use everyday. The one thing that was different was theplace of women in society. There were of course perceptive women of independentoriginal thought, but for the huge majority life was easier if they accepted that awoman's place was in the home. To lump all women of the Victorian era as onebody would be wrong. The era spanned 64 years and changes in attitudes weregradually shifting as the century closed.

The lifestyles of the Victorian people greatly influences the aspects of theater in the era....

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Construction of the Typical Police Officer Several criteria apply to the Victorian police officer: * Policemen were typically involved in trade and were part of the lower middle class o “In Staffordshire, miners, shoemakers, brickmakers, moulders, puddlers, potters, engine drivers and even a printer joined the force” (Taylor 48)....

For more information about the Victorian Era 1837-1901 click on the title links below:-

In the Victorian era women were to get married to a man of the same or a better social status, be good wives, and be a mother to her husband's children.

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The accepted reasoningwas that the career for women was marriage. To get ready for courtship andmarriage a girl was groomed like a racehorse. In addition to being able to sing,play an instrument and speak a little French or Italian, the qualities a youngVictorian gentlewomanneeded, were to be innocent, virtuous, biddable, dutiful and be ignorant ofintellectual opinion.

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During the Victorian heyday, work and play expanded dramatically. The national railway network stimulated travel and leisure opportunities for all, so that by the 1870s, visits to seaside resorts, race meetings and football matches could be enjoyed by many of this now largely urban society. Increasing literacy stimulated growth in popular journalism and the ascendancy of the novel as the most powerful popular icon.

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Whether or not you agree with the facts today, the attitude ofmen toward women in the Victorian age was highlighted by Tennyson who wrote of womenstaying by the hearth with their needles whilst men wielded their swords.

it marked the beginning of a promising new age - the Victorian era

The progress of scientific thought led to significant changes in medicine during the nineteenth century, with increased specialisation and developments in surgery and hospital building. There were notable medical breakthroughs in anaesthetics - famously publicised by Queen Victoria taking chloroform for the birth of her son in 1853 - and in antiseptics, pioneered by Joseph Lister (1827-1912). The public's faith in institutions was evident not only in the growth of hospitals but was also seen in the erection of specialised workhouses and asylums for the most vulnerable members of society.