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Generally, the goal of all treatment programs is to minimize the disruptive effects of ASD on learning, while maximizing more normative processes. Treatment goals change with age and developmental level but typically include a focus on social, language, and adaptive (self-help) skills. Educational and behavioral treatments draw on the expertise of a range of professionals. Specialists in communication focus on expanding the range of the child’s communicative ability beyond vocabulary. Children who lack verbal language can be helped through augmentative strategies (e.g., manual signing, picture exchange, and new computer-based technologies). Behavioral techniques help with management of disruptive behavior and facilitate learning. Given the unusual learning style of children with ASD, a focus on the generalization of skills into functional activities is important. Social skills teaching is an important aspect of treatment programs (Reichow et al., 2012).

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Early approaches to treatment in ASD focused on psychotherapy, but over time it became apparent that children with ASD were more likely to improve with structured, special education interventions (Bartak et al., 1977). Other important contributions to more effective treatment included the advent of the Education for All Handicapped Children Act, which mandated education as a right for children with special needs, including those with ASD (NRC, 2001), and the official recognition of ASD in 1980. The early interest in behavioral approaches has now expanded into the field of applied behavior analysis, which has repeatedly been shown to be an effective evidence-based approach (Smith, 2010). A review by the National Research Council on early intervention for ASD reported a range of programs and models, each of which had some empirical support; the literature on evidence-based treatments has not increased substantially in subsequent years (NRC, 2001).

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