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Emotional Cheating - The Real Betrayal of Trust

Great article, and I would agree with Dr. Janz – a solid stance on Bio Data. However, lots and lots of holes in this, too. I am with PreVisor, the largest independent provider of assessment and talent measurement tools in the human capital space. Our organization maintains a staff of more than 70 professionals with PhD credentials in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and the most robust library of assessment content available.
Mr. Lermusi talks about a number of things here: bio data testing, skill checking, reference checking, and technical interviewing. All are solid practices and we advise our clients to do all those things. Bio data itself is one item-type in a broad spectrum of assessments, and the most effective way to measure a candidate consistent with best practices is to include job-relavent, content-valid, multiple item types. We include bio data, personality, cognitive ability, situational judgement, hard skills, and culture fit measurements in rollup that is job-specific. We are also at the absolute cutting-edge of testing method, including our leadership in the space in creation of Computer Adaptive Testing, or CAT engine testing, that allows competencies to consistently be measured without any two candidates seeing the same static test. This makes the assessment impossible to fake, and impossible for candidates to post the “correct answers” on facebook or other social networking sites. If an organization feels that a candidate can “fake” their abilities or qualifications in an area where terms are easy to throw around such as IT, we recommend testing for specific skills, such as programming languages, network, and database languages, all areas we have validated testing for. We would never tell our clients to stop doing background checks, reference checks from former employers, or to conduct behavioral-based interviews. However, the only way to accurately predict if a candidate can do the job, if they are a fit for the job, or even if they have the cognitive ability to do the job, is to put tools in place that are backed by the normative data of lots and lots of experience talent measurement. I will be at ERE Expo in a couple weeks – anyone interested in this topic – I’d love to buy you a drink and chat about it!

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It creats toxic enviroment in the work place.

These examples look obvious, and are for the sake of fun and illustrating the point, but they are probably what you can read on a resume or hear during an interview. Some strategies can help you uncover the hoax. We will cover them at the end. But the question still remains: Does cheating work?

How Many Cheat?
A newly released study from Julia Levashina, Frederick P. Morgeson, and Michael A. Campion on real candidates in real job application situations will give us the answer.