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Smith works out an exchange of beads for provisions; "sons" are also exchanged: Thomas Savage goes to live with the Indians and Namontack with the English; they will act as interpreters and liaisons between the two peoples.
September (?): The with 70 new immigrants arrives on the Mary and Margaret, including an Elizabethan bed for Powhatan, a five-piece barge to explore the Richmond Falls, and two women, Mrs.

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The advocates of large numbers, however, are often their own worstenemies. On page 33 of , David Stannarddeclares, "[P]robablyabout 25,000,000 people, or about seven times the number living in allofEngland, were residing in and around the great Valley of Mexico at thetime ofColumbus's arrival in the New World".

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Religiosity in general was not as prevalent in the colonial Chesapeake as it was in New England. Nonetheless, religion was constantly intertwined with daily life in general and with the ideas of death and mortality in particular.

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Throughout the history of the Colonial Chesapeake people struggled to live through the many dangers and hardships of the new world. As people struggled to subsist, death and mortality became very prominent issues in early Chesapeake societies. Many aspects of death and mortality were addressed by people of the time and many more are being researched by modern historians in search of the intricacies of Chesapeake society.