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In the Middle ages, the Rule of St Benedict specified eight services for nuns and monks,...

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The development of Catholic Medieval Universities occurred over the span of a number of centuries. It was a great enterprise that revived the ancient institutions of learning of Athens and Alexandria but under the auspices of the Catholic Church and Catholic Monarchs. The Christian confidence in reason and the harmony between reason and faith enabled the development and growth of these institutions.

The legal system of the Middle Ages included what was called

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If you meant "How old did a woman have to be to become a nun in the middle ages", there is no specific answer since each Order and even each nunnery would have its own rules.

This suggests that the Middle Ages was a time when violent grandees imposed their will by force on others; it was often marked by lawlessness.

However, the Church did encourage people to go on Crusades, meaning that people travelled to the Middle East. Here they came into contact with Muslim doctors, who were significantly more skilled than their counterparts in Britain.

Very few kings of the Middle Ages attempted to assert unlimited power, and came too close usually met with trouble.