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The American Civil War was a civil war that was fought in the United States from 1861 to 1865

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Gettysburg was the Civil War's bloodiest battle and was an inspiration for President Abraham Lincoln's immoral

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Throughout history humans have enjoyed conflict. Sometimes a fight can be over before it starts. Sometimes the fight never ends. In some occasions the war goes on so long that children are born into the conflict and believe it a way of life. Some bat

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Depending on how you calculate it, this war lasted between 43 and 2,248 years. That makes it either the longest or second longest war in history. In 264 BC, war broke out between the Carthage and Rome. This is what is regarded as the inception of the Punic Wars. The official peace treaty that ended the Punic Wars was signed in 1985, however, the Carthage was burned down and completely destroyed by the Romans during the third of the Punic Wars, in 146 BC, which is generally regarded as the ending of the war (with the signing of the peace treaty being a more symbolic gesture.)

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War was the longest war in United States history."?

A rather unoriginal name for a conflict that lasted 30 years. A war that is nearly impossible to explain, like many arguments that we forget how they started. It started as a battle between the Catholics and the Protestants, the two parties within the Holy Roman Empire. Disputes over the balance of power within the empire and political horseplay started played a greater role as the conflict dragged on. The war ended up as an all encompassing conflict throughout the empire, resulting in a new Europe being born from the ashes of the conflict. I am not sure anyone knew what they were fighting for in the end.

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Starting in 1455, The War of the Roses was a civil war that raged in Northern England until 1487. The House of York was on one side with the House of Lancaster on the other. They were fighting for the most noble of causes – both sides believed the throne of England was theirs. Each house had an emblem of a rose (red and white) and so it became commonly referred to with the moniker “War of the Roses”. The battles continued for over 32 years and I think that Shakespeare would be shocked that such a sweet smelling flower could find itself at the centre of a war.

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This was one of America’s longest and most painful conflicts. If you take the length of the war from the time that the United States began assisting the South Vietnamese government (which was in 1956) and then keep going up until the American withdrawal in 1975, it makes for a 19 year armed conflict. It is still a painful memory for Americans and the loss of life they suffered over this conflict.