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Immigration’s impact is often first seen in the classroom. The increasing diversity of the nation’s education system is the most detailed measure of where immigrants have settled in recent years. View demographic changes in more than 17,000 school districts across the nation — including your own.

08/08/2013 · My job is still up in the air but I’m working my butt off to get in a classroom this year

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It would be premature to conclude that all efforts at improving financial literacy are futile. But it is a fair conclusion that simply doing more of the training commonly used now will not produce significant results. So what else might we try? Although no approach offers a panacea, three types of efforts seem worthy of more attention.


The durable spring roller can be mounted using an existing map rail or mounting bracket in the classroom or purchasing one of our spring roller mounting options.

Map stays readily accessible when you need it and easily rolls up out of the way when not in use.

How to strike a balance between the social needs of middle-schoolers and the discipline it takes to run your classroom

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GITC believes that every student deserves a well rounded education including weekly instruction in music taught by highly trained and credentialed music teachers. We stand side by side with districts working to strengthen their music education programs, particularly at the elementary level when students are at their most formative stages. We work hand in hand with credentialed music educators and we offer professional development for them as well as for general classroom teachers. Our work bringing music deeper into learning is most effective in schools where music education is alive and well.

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Guitars in the Classroom supports highly-engaged student learning in public schools by training teachers and education staff to lead and integrate hands-on music across the academic curriculum with folk instruments, group singing and educational songwriting in elementary classrooms. We are dedicated to providing responsive services which include ongoing professional development courses and workshops, teaching artist residencies and access to a wide variety of musical resources.


A version of this article appears in print on October 6, 2013, on Page BU16 of the with the headline: Financial Literacy, Beyond the Classroom.

It is enough to know about 100 words to survive in a foreign country.

Travel America - The Ultimate Classroom specializes in student group educational tours. Established in 1990, we are a company dedicated to providing the ultimate field trip experience at an affordable price. Whether your students are traveling to Washington, D.C. or Orlando's Walt Disney World®, exploring colonial America from Jamestown to Yorktown and the birth of our nation at Colonial Williamsburg, experiencing the many adventures of New York, New York from Ellis Island to Broadway, to Ground Zero and Central Park we provide exciting learning opportunity for students of all ages with customized itineraries designed to meet teacher requested educational requirements and students' economic needs. Teacher chaperones and group leaders always travel free. Call or e-mail us, and a Travel America professional tour consultant will contact you to assist in designing your educational student tour package.