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Because the monastery sat atop a cliff, Skywalker, Tano, and Torrent Company were forced to mount a , relying on and a pair of AT-TE walkers to reach the fortress at the summit. Though they lost one of their AT-TE walkers and endured numerous casualties, the Jedi and clones quashed the Separatist droid defenses and retrieved Rotta from the monastery's detention level. However, Tano discovered that Rotta was ill, jeopardizing their chances of delivering him to Tatooine alive. Skywalker suspected Dooku's involvement in the matter, given that both the Republic and the Confederacy sought an alliance with the Hutt Clan.

- Leave me a clone is an exciting puzzle ..

- Leave me a clone is an exciting puzzle ..

At the same time, the Confederacy was using the planet as a staging point to launch a counterattack against the Republic blockade around Muunilinst. However, Jedi Master Mace Windu learned of the Confederate presence on Dantooine and left with a force of clone troopers to halt the progress of the Separatists. War erupted on Dantooine as clones and droids clashed in a vast, open plain. With Master Windu at their side, the clones quickly gained the upper hand, despite being outnumbered nearly four to one by Confederate B2 super battle droids. However, the battle was suddenly turned upside down with the arrival of a large siege weapon—the . This tank used its seismic driver—once used in peace-time for mining operations—to cut a swath through the clone trooper ranks, either crushing them outright or sending soldiers flying from the shockwave. In the confusion, Windu lost his , and was forced to fight a number of droids unarmed. Retrieving his lightsaber amid another seismic shockwave, Windu flew toward the seismic tank. Windu cut his way in, disabled the seismic driver, destroyed the tank's droid crew, and knocked out the controls. Flying clear, Windu watched on as the seismic tank smashed into the ground and exploded. The battle was won for the Republic.

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In this case however, they managed to avoid the whole clone-is-immediately-of-DNA-donor-age, having to go through childhood and developed and born from within a real womb, and discarded the 'I'm not real!' aspect of this trope approximately an issue after first feeling a twinge of it.

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When Kenobi arrived at Kamino's capital of , greeted him and revealed the existence of the Clone Army. By this time, 200,000 were ready for deployment, with a million more soldiers nearing completion. A shocked Kenobi reported his discovery to the High Council, which ordered him to detain Fett and bring him to the on Coruscant for questioning. Fett escaped from Tipoca with his son, an unaltered clone whom he named , and proceeded to the Confederate capital of . Kenobi tracked the Fetts to Geonosis and, after engaging them in a that led them to believe he was dead, followed them to the planetary surface. There, he discovered that the were manufacturing millions of in their . He also witnessed a meeting between Dooku and the Separatist Council, discovering that they were preparing to merge their resources into a . The Geonosians thereafter captured Kenobi, though not before he sent a message to Skywalker.

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Dooku secretly traveled to Coruscant, where he met with Darth Sidious and reported that the intergalactic conflict which they had worked so hard to instigate was finally underway. Though Kenobi believed that the clone troopers had been instrumental to the Republic's victory on Geonosis, Yoda knew that it was not a victory: The Clone Wars had begun. From Coruscant, the Republic deployed tens of thousands of clone troopers and a of and assault craft, which formed the , as part of its war machine. The Confederacy, meanwhile, moved its capital from Geonosis to the planet , which served as the of the Separatist Senate.

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While the future was being prepared on Kamino, however, other forces of warriors were already active in the galaxy. Cloners and their products were no secret to Jedi like and fringers like former gunrunner , and around the time that was destroyed in , the Galactic Republic's military forces were engaged in combat with clone warriors, rendered dangerously unstable and prone to by being very rapidly grown to maturity. Veterans of these campaigns, such as the future , would later consider these campaigns as the start of the Clone Wars, but to most people, they were probably only a symptom of the unrest in the Republic at the time.