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The Different Types of CNC Machines

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Vincennes University is the oldest college in Indiana (est.1801). VU isunique among other predominantly two year institutions because it is not acommunity college, but a residential college with 5 residence halls. Studentsattend VU from all over the nation and the world. The Machine Trades TechnolgyDepartment has been turning out hundreds of graduates since 1966. It isdifficult to visit a manufacturer, and especially a Tool & Die orMoldmaking shop in Indiana without bumping into VU graduates. Some companieshave over 20 graduates!, and many own their own companies now. The campus, thefacilities and the equipment at VU are awesome, both in quality and inquantity. VU offers a 1 year certificate in Welding, a 2 year AS/AAS degree inTool & Die or Injection Mold Tooling, and a 3rd year additional AS/AASdegree in Advanced Manufacturing which provides an additional 800 hours inCAD/CAM and CNC programming and operations. Equipment-wise VU has about 25vertical mills, 25 engine lathes, 25 surface grinders, 3 jig borers, 1 jiggrinder, 6 ID/OD grinders, 5 sinker EDM's, 1 Blanchard ginder, 5 heat-treatingfurnaces, 3 punch presses, 3 injection molding machines, 15 CNC machines in theHaas Technical Education Center (HTEC), 2 CMM's, several bench grinders, drillpresses, and misc. equipment, and a full array of welding and fabricatingequipment. In the 2 year program students machine and build complex injectionmolds and progressive dies using conventional and CNC equipment. In the 3rdyear Advanced Manufacturing option students use Mastercam very extensively toprogram and machine 2, 3, 4, and 5-axis parts, many of them in collaborationwith industry. Partnerships include: Haas, Mastercam, Charmilles, Erowa,Kennametal, Niagara, SGS, LMT-Fette, Toyota, and Oxygen Education. VincennesUniversity's graduates get great jobs!

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If you don’t own a machine yet, then it’s important to spend time thinking about what you want your machine to be able to produce, this can help eliminate a lot of potential future frustration. Cost will always be an important factor, but that also needs to be balanced against its capabilities, because nothing can be more expensive than a machine that cannot do what you need. For example, if you want to cut large sheet goods then a smaller model will not be the best choice. However, if you have limited space then this may be your only option and you need to understand its limitations on how large a part it can cut. Only you can determine what this balance will be for your situation and budget.

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We are located in the heart of Orange County. We have a modern laboratoryand an extensive schedule of classes. For a full description of our program,laboratory, certificates, degree, course descriptions, some course syllabi, alink back to this site, and a current class schedule visit us at. We can be found underthe Department pages listed as Machining/CNC/EDM.

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When it comes to obtaining the best possible results, another essential set of factors are the material you are working with and the tool you are using to cut it. Material choice will effect every stage of the Project – from initial concept through final finishing.

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To efficiently and safely cut different types of material you will need to choose an appropriate tool (bit), know how fast you can move that tool through that material (Feed Rate and Plunge Rate), how much material you can remove at one time (Pass Depth and Cut Depth) and how fast the bit should be rotating (Spindle or Router speed). Typically suppliers of tooling offer technical information on the correct settings for cutting different material types with the router bits they sell.

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We also offer precision inspection and have a ZEISS CMM with CalypsoMetrology software. Classes are web-enhanced and are offered day, evening, andon weekends. The certificate and degree programs are being rewritten, but weoffer advanced courses for experienced machinists as well as entry-level skilldevelopment in CNC/machining.

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CNC or Computer Numerical Control machines are automated devices controlled by computers that are used to perform various industrial tasks without direct human intervention. These are programmed to follow a sequence of steps, which contributes to their excellent accuracy and precision. CNC machining is employed in a wide range of manufacturing industries, including metal fabrication industry, mining industry, and automobile industry.