Unlike springs, shock absorbers work to keep car tires in ..


Front coil Springs and shock absorbers.

Fitting a OMENitrocharger shock absorber and leaf or coil spring system will instantlyresult in improved towing capabilities, an increased load-carrying capability,enhanced off-road traction and excellent on-road comfort: these are thebenefits to be enjoyed with an OME durable suspension package.

A shock absorber cannotcure a suspension problem if the spring's characteristics or condition areinappropriate.

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Loose clamping of the spring clips provides correct control, preventing squeaking and scoring of the tension side of the main leaf and avoiding stress creation.

Similarly like with the shock absorbers we verify the quality of the material structure, of which the springs are made.

By matching your coil springs with a set of Raw 4×4 shock absorbers, you gain the advantage of having a fully integrated suspension system.

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