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European Ministers Lay Out Plan to Create United States …

After four demanding years in the works, last year Oliver Stone presented television viewers with a compilation documentary series (10 hour-long episodes) focusing on certain aspects of modern US history. Stone, as director, producer, and narrator, remains faithful in this ambitious project to his reputation as a controversial artist who promotes his own view of historical events: although many of them were pooh-poohed or downplayed by the American media at the time, they fundamentally influenced the trajectory of American history and the situation in the world today. Helping Stone on the series were British screenwriter Matt Graham and American historian Peter Kuznick. Together they integrated known and lesser-known facts from the mid-20th century onward in order to trace the role of the USA as a superpower advancing its own aggressive and grasping goals across a wide range of historical situations. The Second World War, dropping the atom bomb on Japan, the Cold War and relations with the Soviet Union, the Vietnam War, the shift toward US global hegemony after the fall of communism, and the War on Terror – these are the events that Stone and his team document using unique, often obscure archive materials. But the film also includes photographs, sound recordings, and illustrative scenes from the classic Hollywood movies of Frank Capra and Henry King. The festival will present two episodes: the third, dealing with the atom bomb (Episode 3: The Bomb), and the tenth, which focuses on the fight against terrorism under Presidents Bush and Obama (Episode 10: Bush&Obama – Age for Terror).

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Nicholas Unis is leveraging his business curriculum and Penn State’s entrepreneurial ecosystem to turn an idea for fully customized, 3D-printed footwear into a viable product.

European Ministers Lay Out Explicit Plan to Create United States of Europe

For every 10 degrees north from the equator you move, spring arrives about four days earlier than it did a decade ago, according to researchers from Penn State, U.C. Davis and the University of Minnesota Duluth. This northward increase in the rate of springtime advance is roughly three times greater than what previous studies indicated.

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