Transcript of Comparing American and Canadian Political Systems

American and Canadian Political Systems Government Structure ..
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View from the North: Comparing the Canadian and American Right

Canada health care is largely government-funded, with most services provided by private enterprises with some publicly funds all, which is controlled and administered, within guidelines set by the federal government ("Healthy Canadians: A Federal report on Comparable Health Indicators ", 2009).

Comparing the Politics of Urban Development in American and Canadian ..
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Comparing the Canadian and American Right

James Carter
Electoral System
Current American House of Representatives Seat Distribution
Current American Senate Seat Distribution
Prepared for INTR501
Professor Brad Rennie
By Mohammed Sakran
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Section I: Country Profile
Population, Head of State, Head of Government, Independence, Constitution, Regime Type, Government System, Administrative Divisions, Economic and Social Indicators, and Culture
Section II: Government Structure
Legislative Branch: Congress vs.

Comparing Canadian and American Health Care - YouTube
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Comparing the differences
The main difference between the OASDI and CPP is in the level of coverage: in 2012, the OASDI’s covered earnings is $110,100, while CPP covers only $50,100 of earnings. The difference in coverage represents a difference in philosophy on retirement saving responsibilities. Instead of mandatory saving through payroll deduction, the Canadian system expects individual citizens to take more responsibility and save—particularly middle- to high-income earners.The long-term sustainability of the two programs is also reflective of differences in consideration and approach. The governments must decide on how the program should be financed and how its funds should be invested. The CPP is in good financial health, but given the current economic conditions and the aging population in the U.S., changes will need to be made to the OASDI in the near future. The required changes could include increasing contribution rates, decreasing benefit levels or increasing the normal retirement age.

Canada and the United States--Government and Political Parties--A Comparison
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